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Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Sean ConnerySean Connery...Forrester
Rob BrownRob Brown...Jamal
F. Murray AbrahamF. Murray Abraham...Crawford
Anna PaquinAnna Paquin...Claire
Busta RhymesBusta Rhymes...Terrell
April GraceApril Grace...Ms. Joyce
Michael PittMichael Pitt...Coleridge
Michael NouriMichael Nouri...Dr. Spence
Richard EastonRichard Easton...Matthews
Glenn FitzgeraldGlenn Fitzgerald...Massie
Lil' ZaneLil' Zane...Damon (as Zane Copeland Jr.)
Stephanie BerryStephanie Berry...Janice
Fly Williams IIIFly Williams III...Fly
Damany MathisDamany Mathis...Kenzo
Damion LeeDamion Lee...Clay
Tom KearnsTom Kearns...Coach Garrick
Matthew Noah WordMatthew Noah Word...Hartwell
Charles BernsteinCharles Bernstein...Dr. Simon
Matt MalloyMatt Malloy...Bradley
Matt DamonMatt Damon...Sanderson
Jimmy BobbittJimmy Bobbitt...Rapper
Capital JayCapital Jay...Opposing Player
Jim TitusJim Titus...Student (as James T. Williams II)
Cassandra KubinskiCassandra Kubinski...Claire's Friend
Sophia WuSophia Wu...Librarian
Gerry RosenthalGerry Rosenthal...Student Speaker
Tim HallTim Hall...Student Manager
Tom MullicaTom Mullica...Old Money Man
David MadisonDavid Madison...Kid in the Hall
Joey ButtafuocoJoey Buttafuoco...Night Man
Jaime McCaigJaime McCaig...Referee
William ModesteWilliam Modeste...Referee
Daniel RodriguezDaniel Rodriguez...Hallway Boy
Samuel TysonSamuel Tyson...Creston Player
Vince GiordanoVince Giordano...Big Band Leader
Gregory SingerGregory Singer...Violinist
Dean PrattDean Pratt...Trumpet Player
Kerry MacKillopKerry MacKillop...Trumpet Player
Harvey TibbsHarvey Tibbs...Trombone Player
Jack StuckeyJack Stuckey...Sax Player
Mark LopemanMark Lopeman...Sax Player
Marc PhaneufMarc Phaneuf...Sax Player
Larry WadeLarry Wade...Sax Player
Conal FowkesConal Fowkes...Piano Player
Matt MunisteriMatt Munisteri...Guitarist
John SullivanJohn Sullivan...Drummer (as John Meyers)
Ron MorganRon Morgan...Mailor Priest
Alison FollandAlison Folland...Jeopardy Contestant
Alex TrebekAlex Trebek...Alex Trebek
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Chris M. AllportChris M. Allport...John Coleridge (voice) (uncredited)
Brett BarskyBrett Barsky...Student (uncredited)
Michael E. BellMichael E. Bell...UPS Driver (uncredited)
Dennis CabriniDennis Cabrini...Truck Driver (uncredited)
Alexander ContiAlexander Conti...Little Boy (uncredited)
Joe CrossonJoe Crosson...Student (uncredited)
Jessica LeshnowerJessica Leshnower...(uncredited)
Craig LoydgrenCraig Loydgren...Planetarium Patron (uncredited)
Randi RosenholtzRandi Rosenholtz...Student (uncredited)
Peter SticklesPeter Stickles...Student (uncredited)
Gus Van SantGus Van Sant...Library Assistant (uncredited)

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Finding Forrester Movie Description

In Finding Forrester Movie I had heard a bit about Finding Forrester Full Movie before and just went into it expecting to see one of Sean Connery's typical Connery performances. 

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that, he is a very good actor, but he always plays himself. 

Plus, I had no clue about the story, so it was a surprise from the outset to see that the film starred Busta Rhymes and was set in the Bronx.

What a surprise to me as this gentle and perfectly paced story brings together two people who share a common love for writing, one a faded writer who once had success, and the other a new talent who She faces so many obstacles in her way that her talent shines through.

There are similarities to other films like Dead Poets Society, but what captures the audience and their imagination is the restraint and simplicity. There are no great acts or emotionally charged plot twists, it's real and it's character driven. 

You believe in the characters, the acting is so natural and understood that you easily get drawn into the film and the characters come alive, and it's hard to break free. The choices and actions are short, compassionate, and you can relate them to real life.

The relationship between Forrester (Connery) and Jamal (Rob Brown) is played brilliantly with Brown until his sobriety fails, and Connery giving one of the most emotional and complex performances I've ever seen. Is. 

His performance is simply amazing and breaks completely out of the Connery mould. It was extraordinary to see his face battling the demons for a long time.

Overall the story is very well written, and doesn't fail to pull you in with the emotional journey and still doesn't hit the twee button. 

You can feel Connery's passion for writing, and see the complexity of the emotions as he seeks to help the boy but is held back by hidden problems. 

Problems that gradually reveal themselves and are shared and dealt with in the most natural ways are never again made worse by an overload of emotions.

It's a warm, uplifting and inspiring story and I recommend it to anyone. I really can't be vocal enough about Connery's stunning performance and Brown's similar performance. Rhymes also shows that he has talent.

Director Gus Van Sant also directed 'Good Will Hunting' and the plot of Finding Forrester Full Movie is basically the same. An underprivileged youth is discovered by an inclusive genius and nurtured to reach his full potential. 

What GWH was to mathematics, film is to literature. They are such close cousins ​​that Van Sant felt compelled to bring in Matt Damon for a cameo.

Despite the familiar plot, 'Finding Forrester Movie ' boasts an excellent screenplay and stellar performances by Sean Connery, Rob Brown and F.B. Murray succeeds due to an excellent performance by Abraham. 

Such a story cannot help but engage the audience on a human level. The genius, stifled by social class, struggles to emerge and overcomes the odds. The story is transcendent for both the main characters. 

Forrester (Sean Connery) helps Jamal (Rob Wallace) overcome his social constraints to realize his potential as a writer, and Jamal overcomes his emotional trauma to free Forrester as a human being. 

helps to overcome obstacles. It's a triumphant story, very uplifting.

Van Sant does a good job of introducing the human element and developing the characters, keeping the photography effective but in the background. 

The photography is very straightforward, allowing the characters to tell the story without the intrusive use of stylish shots that have been in vogue lately. 

Van Sant gives Forester's apartment a dark and dreary look in terms of color and lighting, which is particularly effective.

Sean Connery is in top form and continues to lay claim to being one of our best and most treasured actors. He gives a virtuoso performance in Finding Forrester Film with a complex and ornamental character. 

This is a powerful and moving illustration. Rob Brown is phenomenal in his feature film debut. He was found in a talent search and made an impressive debut with an extremely mature performance. 

With the right script, he has a good chance of having a bright future. F. Murray Abraham is superb as the haughty English teacher who gets his just deserts.

Director Gus Van Sant took the best parts of his own Good Will Hunting and Scent of a Woman and fashioned Finding Forrester Movie . The title is a misnomer in that Forrester and someone else find each other.

The title role of Finding Forrester Movie  is played by Sean Connery as a J.D. Salinger is the type of writer who has lived as a recluse in a brownstone. 

He wrote one novel a day and never wrote another. Perhaps he said whatever was on his mind.

A young slum kid with a talent for basketball and a great talent for writing gets in a weirdo that I won't go into. 

They build a good relationship by supplying needs for each other. Rob Brown, a newcomer, played the kid who has gotten a basketball scholarship from a posh prep school, but astounded many with his abilities as a writer.

There's an interesting commentary on our stereotypes in Finding Forrester Full Movie. Brown is at school to bring home a basketball champion. Black ghetto kids are believed to have talent in that direction. 

But creative writing? Where do they think the James Baldwins come from? Frustrated Professor F. It didn't matter to Murray Abraham, because he failed as a novelist. As Connery says, people can get the mechanics of writing, but talent can't be learned.

Anyway Brown is put through a ringer like Chris O'Donnell did in Scent of a Woman. Can you imagine the late J.D. Salinger sets out on a Connery-like mission from his hideout in New England. Much bigger than what Al Pacino did in Scent of a Woman.

Connery and Brown form a good bond and they have good chemistry for the audience. And that's really about 80% of Finding Forrester Full Movie.

'Finding Forrester Movie ' is undoubtedly the best movie of the year 2000. I've heard many people say that this is just a retread of director Gus Van Sant's Oscar-winning hit 'Good Will Hunting'. This is the farthest statement from the truth. 

Although the general idea of ​​two different people bonding is here, everything else is as isolated as it comes.

The story is about Jamal Wallace (Rob Brown, making his big screen debut), an all-star basketball player who is only 16 but loves to read and write. 

One night on a bet he breaks into the apartment of a man known only to the neighborhood kids as "The Window". 

But when he is caught, Wallace sticks to Bolt and forgets his bag. He later receives his backpack back, in which all his written material has been analysed, corrected.

After seeing the man again, Wallace learns that "The Window" is none other than reclusive writer William Forrester (Sean Connery), who has been in hiding for 40 years. They make a deal that as long as Jamal doesn't tell anyone about William, William should help Jamal with his writing.

A beautiful bond is formed over the course of the film as two very different people become friends and companions. 

Along the way, William helps Jamal deal with his biased English professor Robert Crawford (F. Murray Abraham), his new girlfriend (Anna Paquin), his brother (rapper Busta Rhymes), and everyone else in his life.

The acting in Finding Forrester Full Movie is universally excellent, and it doesn't matter that Brown is the real star of Finding Forrester Movie . 

Connery is brilliant but not enough to outshine Brown on screen. Abraham comes across as the perfect nemesis and Busta Rhymes acquits himself well. Anna Paquin isn't too bad but she isn't given much to do. 

The best scenes in the film are accompanied by a one-on-one conversation between Brown and Connery, an outstanding supporting cast. I especially liked the "Soup Question" scene and the Jeopardy scene.

Considering this is Van Sant's first film since the awful "Psycho" remake he made a few years back, he does very well. 

And surprisingly he generates more tension and suspense in a basketball sequence at the end of the movie than in 'Psycho'.

Overall this is not only Van Sant's best film but also the best film of the entire year. And seeing Finding Forrester Movie  three weeks after the Academy Awards, it's even more shocking that 'Gladiator' won because I can't see how, in any way, it's better than this great movie.

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