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Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Devon SawaDevon Sawa...Alex Browning
Ali LarterAli Larter...Clear Rivers
Kerr SmithKerr Smith...Carter Horton
Kristen ClokeKristen Cloke...Valerie Lewton
Daniel RoebuckDaniel Roebuck...Agent Weine
Roger Guenveur SmithRoger Guenveur Smith...Agent Schreck
Chad DonellaChad Donella...Tod Waggner (as Chad E. Donella)
Seann William ScottSeann William Scott...Billy Hitchcock
Tony ToddTony Todd...Bludworth
Amanda DetmerAmanda Detmer...Terry Chaney
Brendan FehrBrendan Fehr...George Waggner
Forbes AngusForbes Angus...Larry Murnau
Lisa Marie CarukLisa Marie Caruk...Christa Marsh
Christine ChatelainChristine Chatelain...Blake Dreyer
Barbara TysonBarbara Tyson...Barbara Browning
Robert WisdenRobert Wisden...Ken Browning
P. Lynn JohnsonP. Lynn Johnson...Mrs. Waggner
Larry GilmanLarry Gilman...Mr. Waggner
Guy FauchonGuy Fauchon...Hare Krishna
Randy StoneRandy Stone...Flight Attendant
Mark HoldenMark Holden...Co-Pilot
Marrett GreenMarrett Green...TV News Anchor
Fred KeatingFred Keating...Howard Seigel
John HainsworthJohn Hainsworth...Minister
Pete AthertonPete Atherton...Student Singer
Nicole RobertNicole Robert...Ticket Clerk
Kristina MatisicKristina Matisic...Reporter
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Dustin BrooksDustin Brooks...Dustin (uncredited)
Martin ChristopherMartin Christopher...Principal (uncredited)
Denis CorbettDenis Corbett...Paris Tourist (uncredited)
Yolanda CorbettYolanda Corbett...Paris Tourist (uncredited)
Alessandro JulianiAlessandro Juliani...Guitar Player in Final Paris Scene (uncredited)
James KirkJames Kirk...Kid at Airport (uncredited)
Mark MarriottMark Marriott...Scared Airline Passenger (uncredited)
Leslie McMichaelLeslie McMichael...Christa (uncredited)
Natasha MorleyNatasha Morley...Girl with Red Sweater at Airport (uncredited)
Morgan StreblerMorgan Strebler...Scared Airplane Passanger (uncredited)
Peter John WhitePeter John White...Husband on Airplane (uncredited)
Troy YorkeTroy Yorke...Lou Gehrig's Man (uncredited)

Final Destination Movie Trailer

Final Destination 5 Official Trailer #1 - (2011) HD

Final Destination Movie Description

Starring: Devon Sawa, Ali Larter, Kerr Smith, Chad E. Donella, Amanda Detmer and Kristen Klok. Directed by James Wong. 

Written by Jeffrey Reddick, Glen Morgan and James Wong. Running time: 90 minutes. Rated R (for terrorist violence and language).

I think it's safe to say that everyone has different feelings about death. Some are afraid of it. Others deny Final Destination Movie. Most people are tired of illness in some way or Final Destination Movie other. 

"Final Destination" is a perfect thriller for skeptics, detailing seven confused individuals who accidentally escape death, discovering the impossibility of deceiving their due time. 

The film's atmosphere builds audience participation, chasing the characters through a potentially all-encompassing force, whether the Grim Reaper is steps away from all of us.

Devon Sawa ("Idol Hands," "Wild America") is a high school senior named Alex Browning. She and her French class are at the airport on their way to Paris for a field trip with their teacher, Ms. Luton (Kristen Klok). 

Once on the plane, Alex begins to experience a dream-like vision in which the middle of the jet explodes, killing all of his passengers. As the plane is about to land, Alex notices that his illusions slowly come to life. 

Final Destination Movie left him with no option but to trigger a small riot and six other passengers were ejected from the flight.

Student Carter (Kerr Smith), ignorant jerk and girlfriend Terry (Amanda Detmer), Alex's best friend, Todd (Chad E. Donella), other companions Billy (Sean William Scott), Clear (Ali Larter), Ms. Luton and Alex Watch from the airport as their late flight goes up in flames minutes after takeoff—leaving these characters suspicious of fate.

The film wastes no time in showing its setup. Opening early leads to a lack of character development. While Final Destination Movie character's personalities are clear, we feel a little remorse for many of them. 

The dramatic premise is terrifying and revealing, playing out like an extended "The X-Files" episode without Final Destination Movie paranormal detectives. "Final Destination" is creative and full of variety; We as a passenger and an observer look at the plane crash from two different perspectives.

A few days after the accident, Final Destination Film survivors begin to die in an unusual way—almost as if they have been cursed to death for wanting to die. 

Alex digs deeper and discovers that his companions are being killed by strange coincidences so that they may have died from an in-flight explosion. In desperation, he attempts to conjure death for all remaining under Final Destination Film superstitions of two disillusioned law enforcers.

There are some unseen characters in "Final Destination," mostly adults with IQ scores in Final Destination Film mid-nineties. The teenager's parents are mostly out of the story. 

There is also a brief spooky appearance by a mortuary, but short-circuited by the plot. He is one of Final Destination Movie many characters who explain a lot of the plot to us at Final Destination Film end.

A recent teen horror rome featured a madman chasing characters with sharp objects. However, "final destination" is too smart to fall into that cliche. 

There's a timely reason for being a teen: These young people are so full of energy and life that they have all Final Destination Movie more reason to fight to the death.

The film, written by Jeffrey Reddick, Glen Morgan and director James Wong, never explains why the Alex character has visions of impending disasters. 

The idea makes for an interesting story, but there are no interesting subplots or side characters here. So without supporting Final Destination Movie stories the filmmakers must fully justify the reason for the character being there. Wong overlooks Alex's illusion, a concept that holds Final Destination Movie entire film together.

Although "Final Destination" offers many of the surprises and tensions in your seat, the film likes to poke fun at many of its scenes. 

Like the average teen thriller, the film takes it seriously about three quarters of the time—leaving the last quarter as a comic relief. 

Certainly with nothing against comedic scenes in horror flicks, I just love Final Destination Movie right film for my genre. Even though "Final Destination" is nowhere near perfect, it remains Final Destination Full Movie truest Final Destination Movie of the teen slasher genders over time.

"Final Destination" is brought to you by New Line Cinema.

I have to admit that when I first saw Final Destination previews, I didn't think much. But after reading several reviews that spoke of how good it was, I thought of watching it, but couldn't because of a busy year.

Final Destination Full Movie story is about a kid named Alex (Devon Sawa) who is afraid of flying. With a class of 49 students, they are going on a field trip to France. 

When Alex has a horrifying premonition of dying in a plane crash, he panics and is kicked out of Final Destination Full Movie plane along with five other students and the teacher. Minutes after kicking off, and Alex is calm, Final Destination Movie unexpected happens, the plane actually explodes.

However, over the next few weeks, teachers, survivors as well as the police began to suspect Alex. Some of his friends also consider him a god. 

Anyway, plane crash survivors soon end up dying in gruesome and sometimes horrific fashion. Alex soon learns that by landing Final Destination Movie ill-fated flight, he had interfered with a predetermined pattern of death. However, death has created a new pattern and Alex must figure out how to save himself as well as his friends.

I have to say Final Destination Film scared me and my parents a lot. I must also say that Final Destination Full Movie deserves a lot of praise. Although Final Destination Movie plot is not original, the antagonist is death itself. 

What I really liked was that death never showed itself and that it turned ordinary everyday objects into weapons of murder.

Of course no horror film is perfect. I have a beef with Final Destination. Some of Final Destination Movie death scenes are quite creative and terrifying, but some of them feel forced. I mean who would put beverages on top of a computer monitor?

Aside from Final Destination Full Movie one minor flaw, Final Destination is still a great and terrifying horror film.

Imagine any great slasher without an assassin. No one is to blame, no one is to be seen and no one knows how that person will die. It's all about Final Destination Full Movie simple horror of Final Destination, and it was almost done in artistic ways.

While many filmmakers have been reluctant or unable to get into Final Destination Movie meat and potatoes behind a good R-rated film, Final Destination's creators have no such restraint. 

In fact, Final Destination Movie death scenes were so violent and complex that they were interesting in their own right. Imagine the force of death (not the Grim Reaper, but Final Destination Film "incident of accidents", if you will) mainly p***ed for missing something. Hence the conspiracy.

To make matters worse, the director over-precisely portrayed the "little things". Only because of Final Destination Film sometimes it was difficult to actually watch it without hesitation, hesitation or loud shouting. (*those who've seen it really know what I'm talking about*)

As someone who goes to Final Destination Movie Final Destination Movie every Friday, I am always looking forward to Final Destination Film!!

Oh, and by film I mean Final Destination Movie... not a film, not an indie, not a flick. A Final Destination Film is something that I hear with my mouth for Final Destination Film first time, first catch a glimpse of it through a preview of another film, and, after watching it, watch the theater for Final Destination Full Movie next few hours with spectacular scenes and lines. 

Shining back through myself saying "That was great!"

Final Destination was a great film. They don't make them that often.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure if you were looking for flaws you could find them (no Final Destination Movie is perfect), but I wasn't and I thoroughly enjoyed my ride as a result.

Personally, I think if you had time to notice those flaws Final Destination Full Movie first time you saw it, I have news for you: You missed a great Final Destination Movie.

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