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 Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Julia RobertsJulia Roberts...Erin Brockovich
David BrisbinDavid Brisbin...Dr. Jaffe
Dawn DidawickDawn Didawick...Rosalind
Albert FinneyAlbert Finney...Ed Masry
Valente RodriguezValente Rodriguez...Donald
Conchata FerrellConchata Ferrell...Brenda
George Rocky SullivanGeorge Rocky Sullivan...Los Angeles Judge
Pat SkipperPat Skipper...Defending Lawyer
Jack GillJack Gill...Defendant
Irene Olga LópezIrene Olga López...Mrs. Morales
Emily MarksEmily Marks...Beth (8 months)
Julie MarksJulie Marks...Beth (8 months)
Scotty LeavenworthScotty Leavenworth...Matthew
Gemmenne de la PeñaGemmenne de la Peña...Katie (as Gemmenne De la Peña)
Erin Brockovich-EllisErin Brockovich-Ellis...Waitress
Adilah BarnesAdilah Barnes...Anna
Irina V. PassmooreIrina V. Passmoore...Babysitter
Aaron EckhartAaron Eckhart...George
Ron AltomareRon Altomare...Biker Friend
Charles John BukeyCharles John Bukey...Biker Friend
Marg HelgenbergerMarg Helgenberger...Donna Jensen
Randy LowellRandy Lowell...Brian Frankel
Jamie HarroldJamie Harrold...Scott
Sarah AshleySarah Ashley...Ashley Jensen
Scarlett PomersScarlett Pomers...Shanna Jensen
T.J. ThyneT.J. Thyne...David Foil
Joe ChrestJoe Chrest...Tom Robinson
Meredith ZinnerMeredith Zinner...Mandy Robinson
Michael HarneyMichael Harney...Pete Jensen
William LuckingWilliam Lucking...Bob Linwood
Mimi KennedyMimi Kennedy...Laura Ambrosino
Scott SowersScott Sowers...Mike Ambrosino
Cherry JonesCherry Jones...Pamela Duncan
Kristina MalotaKristina Malota...Annabelle Daniels
Wade WilliamsWade Williams...Ted Daniels (as Wade Andrew Williams)
Cordelia RichardsCordelia Richards...Rita Daniels
Ashley PimentalAshley Pimental...Beth (18 months)
Brittany PimentalBrittany Pimental...Beth (18 months)
Tracey WalterTracey Walter...Charles Embry
Larry MartinezLarry Martinez...Nelson Perez
LeRoy A. SimmonsLeRoy A. Simmons...Judge LeRoy A. Simmons (as Judge LeRoy A. Simmons)
Don SnellDon Snell...PG&E Lawyer
Michael ShambergMichael Shamberg...PG&E Lawyer
Gina GallegoGina Gallego...Ms. Sanchez
Peter CoyotePeter Coyote...Kurt Potter
Ronald E. HairstonRonald E. Hairston...Car Messenger
Veanne CoxVeanne Cox...Theresa Dallavale
Scott AllenScott Allen...Town Meeting Plaintiff
Sheila ShawSheila Shaw...Ruth Linwood
Matthew KimbroughMatthew Kimbrough...Bartender
Jason CervantesJason Cervantes...Check Messenger
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Norma MaldonadoNorma Maldonado...Woman #1 (uncredited)
Mike MaloneMike Malone...Baxter (uncredited)
Ed MasryEd Masry...Diner behind Erin (uncredited)
Tom TangenTom Tangen...Ned (uncredited)
Julie WagnerJulie Wagner...E.R. Admitting Nurse (uncredited)

Erin Brockovich Movie Trailer

Erin Brockovich (2000) Official Trailer - Steven Soderbergh, Julia Roberts Movie HD

Erin Brockovich Movie Description

In Erin Brockovich Movie Steven Soderbergh's Erin Brockovich begins with a car accident. Erin Brockovich Movie vehicle driven by Erin, an unemployed, twice-divorced mother of three children, is widened by a speeding car at an intersection. 

She takes her case to Ed Massery, a stoic, timid attorney, who agrees to represent her on a contingency basis. 

However, in court, Erin's evasive manner and cynical vocabulary do not endear her to the jury, who find themselves on Erin Brockovich Movie side of the defendant, as Erin goes home empty-handed. 

Still out of work and without Erin Brockovich Movie need to pay her bills, Erin, who has no acting skills but a passion, an unusual amount of common sense, and a defiant way of talking, goes to see her former lawyer. forces her way into a position as a file clerk under ,

It is in Erin Brockovich Film capacity that she, completely by accident, uncovers a paper trail leading to Erin Brockovich Movie town of Hinckley, CA, where an endless stream of residents are diagnosed with various medical conditions, including cancer, spinal cord decompression, and brain damage. 

has been diagnosed. It turns out that Erin Brockovich Film community of Hinckley has been poisoned by hexavalent chromium, leaching into the drinking water from a Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) plant. 

Erin Brockovich Film case is particularly scandalous because PG&E knew exactly what it was doing but lied about what type of chromium it was using. 

Erin gains the trust of the community to take legal action and empowers Ed to put together a case that will win Erin Brockovich Full Movie largest direct claims settlement in American history, even though his personal life is at risk from his devotion to the case.

Steven Soderbergh tests Erin Brockovich Movie limits of Erin's potential multiple times throughout the film. An opening scene is designed to show that Erin has a short fuse when she explodes in a torrent of profanity in the courtroom. 

Erin, Erin Brockovich Film quickly makes clear, is no sentimental warrior. Rather, she's a tough, hard-nosed cookie who dresses like a hoochie and who uses anything from here and there to her cleavage or her baby coiffed hair to satisfy her needs. 

In short, Erin is adrift in a tough world. But what makes Erin Brockovich Film potentially loathsome character so relatable is Julia Roberts' vulnerable and fiercely dynamic performance. 

As Erin Brockovich Film eponymous character, he is undoubtedly Erin Brockovich Movie heart and soul of the film. As a foil to Erin, Albert Finney delivers a complex, engaging performance that's as funny as it is funny. 

Their scenes together brim with chemistry and it is a delight to watch Erin Brockovich Film kind of male/female dialogue where there is no hint of sexual attraction.

Soderbergh infuses Erin Brockovich Movie proceedings with a lively, almost peppy sense of style that isn't half as compelling would a less edgy director have been. 

It would have been easy for him to allow Erin Brockovich to descend into clever melodrama, but he opts to take that path of least resistance, instead giving us a film that is smart, intelligent, funny, and at times Be poignant

It doesn't take long to realize that Erin Brockovich Film is a great film. Everything feels so real, and so must-see as it is a true(ish) story, but all have great actors in small roles too. 

There are many examples where little things make it real. I'm guessing Erin wrote most of Erin Brockovich Movie dialogue?

In addition to Erin Brockovich Film real Brockavich, the real Ed Massery appears on the DVD bonus, and shows how well the casting of Albert Finney and his acting is and how much they contributed to Erin Brockovich Movie successful outcome of EB's efforts. 

Ed is so tolerant of Erin's apparent disregard for Erin Brockovich Film norms of a legal practice, it's a little hard to accept that she's real! But he must have been. 

Also on Erin Brockovich Movie DVD is Erin (the real one) saying how real the 30-second scene is where she's the waitress, and then Julia saying it's "about living in the concept, not imitating". In". So true, and Erin Brockovich Movie is what makes a truly great actor, ie JR.

Erin Brockovich Movie story of corporate negligence and a small-town woman who discovered her water was contaminated and decided to do something about it, despite heavy lawyers who say that whatever Erin Brockovich Film client may say may encourage others to do their part Is? 'Hope so.

While Erin Brockovich Movie is a huge legal battle, there is little shown in it - nice idea, court stuff can be so boring and irrelevant. 

We see judges ruling on a procedural matter, that's all that matters, and no doubt lengthy legal arguments are ignored all together. Good.

Erin Brockovich Film only thing bigger than Julia Roberts' chest in "Erin Brockovich" is the heart of Erin Brockovich Movie. 

While it is a drama, it would be more appropriate to describe Erin Brockovich Film plot as a struggle, as it is all about fighting for what you believe in and overcoming obstacles and all opposing forces. 

Nothing really bad happens in Erin Brockovich Movie, but it's the complications, the jumble of moral conflicts along Erin Brockovich Film way that make it shine.

Julia Roberts stars in "Erin Brockovich," a film based on Erin Brockovich Film true story of a twice-married mother of three who is desperate to find a way to earn a living and provide for her family. 

After a failed attempt to sue for damages following a car accident, Brockovich turns to his attorney, Ed Massery (Albert Finney), for a job doing anything he can at his law firm. 

He reluctantly accepts, and Brockovich soon finds himself uncovering a potentially huge case.

Following Erin Brockovich Film performance, Roberts was without question Erin Brockovich Movie winner of Best Actress. 

She's playing as many roles as Brockovich, loving mother, driven working woman, troubled lover, everything in between. Erin Brockovich Movie mood is easy for him. 

Perhaps Erin Brockovich Movie best element of her performance is that she looks clearly flawed, even though she is quite likeable. His lines are killer and delivered with command. Although some of his rants are over the top, they are actually clever.

Finney's character is also almost Erin Brockovich Movie same. He's genuinely enjoyable to watch and gives a great performance, even though his character is never really dramatic.

Erin Brockovich Film is a great screenplay by Susannah Grant. It is almost completely devoid of melodrama and yet it tackles a lot of real life issues. 

Brockovich's struggle to balance her work with her family brings to the fore an issue that anyone can connect to, though Erin Brockovich Movie feminist tone of the film obviously won't connect as strongly with men. 

Director Steven Soderbergh feels distant from Erin Brockovich Movie. Every so often a shot or sequence will be artistic, but he allows Erin Brockovich Film story to tell itself for the most part.

"Erin Brockovich" is a better than average feel-good story. A feel-good story makes a great film when there's a little melodrama and great acting. 

Sports Erin Brockovich Movie based on true stories are feel-good stories, but they don't get nominated for Best Picture. 

While it may all sound too good to be true and the positives far outweigh the negatives, Erin Brockovich Film still feels very real and should not be missed by anyone.

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