Dinosaur Movie | Dinosaur Full Movie | 2000

Cast (in credits order)  

Alfre WoodardAlfre Woodard...Plio (voice)
Ossie DavisOssie Davis...Yar (voice)
Max CasellaMax Casella...Zini (voice)
Hayden PanettiereHayden Panettiere...Suri (voice)
D.B. SweeneyD.B. Sweeney...Aladar (voice)
Samuel E. WrightSamuel E. Wright...Kron (voice)
Peter SiragusaPeter Siragusa...Bruton (voice)
Julianna MarguliesJulianna Margulies...Neera (voice)
Joan PlowrightJoan Plowright...Baylene (voice)
Della ReeseDella Reese...Eema (voice)
Matt AdlerMatt Adler...Additional Voice (voice)
Sandina Bailo-LapeSandina Bailo-Lape...Additional Voice (voice) (as Sandina Bailolape)
Edie Lehmann BoddickerEdie Lehmann Boddicker...Additional Voice (voice)
Zachary BostromZachary Bostrom...Additional Voice (voice)
Cathy CavadiniCathy Cavadini...Additional Voice (voice) (as Catherine Cavadini)
Holly DorffHolly Dorff...Additional Voice (voice)
Greg FinleyGreg Finley...Additional Voice (voice)
Jeffrey Todd FischerJeffrey Todd Fischer...Additional Voice (voice) (as Jeff Fischer)
Barbara HarrisBarbara Harris...Additional Voice (voice) (as Barbara Iley)
David ZylerDavid Zyler...Additional Voice (voice) (as David Allen Kramer)
Susie Stevens-LoganSusie Stevens-Logan...Additional Voice (voice) (as Susan Stevens Logan)
David McCharenDavid McCharen...Additional Voice (voice) (as David Mccharen)
Tracy MetroTracy Metro...Additional Voice (voice)
Daran NorrisDaran Norris...Additional Voice (voice)
Bobbi PageBobbi Page...Additional Voice (voice)
Noreen ReardonNoreen Reardon...Additional Voice (voice)
Chelsea RussoChelsea Russo...Additional Voice (voice)
Evan SabaraEvan Sabara...Additional Voice (voice)
Aaron SpannAaron Spann...Additional Voice (voice)
Melanie SporeMelanie Spore...Additional Voice (voice)
Andrea BakerAndrea Baker...Additional Voice (voice) (as Andrea Taylor)
John WalcuttJohn Walcutt...Additional Voice (voice)
Camille WinbushCamille Winbush...Additional Voice (voice)
Billy WestBilly West...Additional Voice (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Linda HarmonLinda Harmon...Singer (voice) (uncredited)

Dinosaur Movie Trailer

Jurassic World Dominion - Official Trailer [HD]

Dinosaur Movie Description

In Dinosaur, Through his discovery of the magic of CGI, Disney produced its own expensive big-budget CG spectacle in 2000 called Dinosaur. 

Definitely an improvement on what it started with. The special effects in Dinosaur are really spectacular. What is fiction and what is reality are now indistinguishable.

In terms of plot and story, however, Dinosaur is still not well developed. The story is nothing new and it is quite disappointing for Disney. 

Disney, which specializes in animation and storytelling, is now short of new stories to show. Nevertheless, dinosaurs are still a fabulously good-looking fantasy that appeals to children and adults alike.

The story is nothing original, as Disney simply borrows from other animated films, including some of their own. 

The plot that the dinosaurs, after a meteorite strike, create a great famine that leads to the discovery of the Valley of Fertility, is recycled from a segment called "The Rite of Spring" in Disney's Fantasia, as well as Don Bluth's K animated The Land Before Time. 

The main character, an iguanadon named Aladar, is estranged from his mother, who is supposedly dead, much like the character Bambi in Disney's own animated Dinosaur film of the same title. Rest of the characters are not new with any zing.

Still, the Dinosaur movie is an enjoyable display of great special effects and excitement. It's still good as visual entertainment. 

It is more fun to watch than to think. I really liked seeing the colorful effects, showing us multiple views of dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes. 

The opening scenes were the most colourful, where we are taken to fly across the wings of a flying Pteranodon, switching through different scenes which is a breathtaking sight. There's a lot of imagery that went into the effects, and the heart hasn't been forgotten.

My Thoughts: Well, I have to admit a few things. It could be better. I have to say that the CGI is the perfect, beautiful, stunning real life backdrop. 

No need to change it. This is character. OK, not all of them. Most of them are fine as they are. Url, Kron and Bruton are not so good. Oh and this Dinosaur movie didn't need a vegetarian badass, they just needed carnoturs, they could take out Kronk with a pair of scissors. 

Bruton and Url I'm happy to stay, but for me to enjoy the film to its highest level, it would have been better for Url to be less silly (this Dinosaur movie doesn't need a silly character) and Bruton to do a lot more Tha long time ago, he shouldn't have played such a small role. 

All other characters are fine. The other thing that could be changed in the film for me to make the Dinosaur film a top entertainer is that there are few lemurs in most of the films. Must travel more in the desert with Aladar.

Otherwise I really like this Dinosaur movie. It doesn't have much enthusiasm (PHEW) and it doesn't even need it! There is unnecessary excitement in all these movies these days. 

Furthermore, the characters (besides Crone and partly Bruton) are affectionate, loving, and likable. They also use good dinosaurs for the Dinosaur Film and stick to the correct era (unlike the "Land Before Time" movies, although those are good too). 

I think this Dinosaur movie is underrated and if people don't like it the first time, or don't find my comment helpful, I think they are definitely missing an important detail of this lovely Dinosaur movie. Huh!

Recommended for: People who like dinosaurs, the best CGI around (along with "Finding Nemo" and "The Polar Express"), beautiful realistic backgrounds, lovable characters, and a good story that isn't too thrilling yet a Dinosaur Film Doesn't make it boring! Enjoy it! ,

What happens: A mother iguanadon lays some beautiful eggs in her nest. Unfortunately, trouble lies ahead for most of them, when a carnotaure strikes, most of the eggs are left like raw omelets.

Before going to the review I want to discuss my story with this Dinosaur film. I first discovered this by watching the three-year-old trailer in the VHS of Tarzan that came out last year, and I was in awe of the dinosaurs, which looked pretty much like the real thing. 

Then I read all the stories about how this Dinosaur movie was based on some of the Disney comic books that were released in 2000 and I found out about my childhood. Then I saw this Dinosaur movie for the first time at 11 and I couldn't believe I actually watched it in its entirety. I've rewatched it a few times all these years and I still prefer it to the first time.

The Dinosaur movie is about an Iguanodon named Aladar. He was abandoned when he was still an egg and had quite an epic journey: he was first carried away by an oviraptor, then pushed by currents, snatched by a pteranodon and finally, swarmed by lemurs. 

Landed on an island. The lemurs then adopt Aladar and accept him as their own kind.

I saw a Saturday matinee of Dinosaurs to a theater filled with an equal number of adults and children. Something remarkable happened at the end of the Dinosaur movie.

The audience started clapping.

In years of watching the Dinosaur movie, I don't think I've ever seen that happen. And, coming out of it, I had to join in. This is probably one of the most remarkable movies I have ever seen.

The Dinosaur film centers around a dinosaur named Aladar who must bring his adopted family to safety after an extinction event 65 million years ago. 

He treks through a wasteland that was once a fertile continent and joins a herd in search of a mythical breeding ground that may still be untouched.

While this is a Dinosaur  film for people of almost all ages, I would not recommend young children to watch it. This has got to be the bleakest Disney Dinosaur movie ever. Not only is there death on-screen, but there's a lot of it. 

Aladar and his mammoth family roam a dangerous and truly shattered world, where survival of the fittest is the reality and compassion is the norm.

I should probably say at least one thing about the special FX; It's a dinosaur movie with almost no visual FX. Virtually photo-realistic, it is the first live-action quality Dinosaur film to feature entirely computer-generated actors. 

Jurassic Park has not only been given a run for its money, but has been beaten at its own game.

Perhaps the biggest criticism I have to make is that it should have been at least half an hour more. 

The story was certainly tight and good, but there was enough material to go on for much longer and say far more.

Nevertheless, I left the theater feeling that I had witnessed something profound. Dinosaur is a really special Dinosaur Film, and I think it could change filmmaking like Star Wars did in 1977.

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