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Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Chow Yun-FatChow Yun-Fat...Master Li Mu Bai (as Chow Yun Fat)
Michelle YeohMichelle Yeoh...Yu Shu Lien
Ziyi ZhangZiyi Zhang...Jen (as Zhang Ziyi)
Chang ChenChang Chen...Lo
Sihung LungSihung Lung...Sir Te
Pei-Pei ChengPei-Pei Cheng...Jade Fox (as Cheng Pei-Pei)
Fazeng LiFazeng Li...Governor Yu
Xian GaoXian Gao...Bo
Yan HaiYan Hai...Madame Yu
Deming WangDeming Wang...Tsai (as Wang De Ming)
Li LiLi Li...May (as Li Li)
Suying HuangSuying Huang...Auntie Wu (as Huang Su Ying)
Jinting ZhangJinting Zhang...De Lu (as Zhang Jin Ting)
Rui YangRui Yang...Maid
Kai LiKai Li...Gou Jun Pei
Jianhua FengJianhua Feng...Gou Jun Sinung (as Feng Jian Hua)
Zhenxi DuZhenxi Du...Shop Owner (as Du Zhen Xi)
Cheng Lin XuCheng Lin Xu...Captain (as Xu Cheng Lin)
Feng LinFeng Lin...Captain (as Lin Feng)
Wensheng WangWensheng Wang...Gangster A (as Wang Wen Sheng)
Dong SongDong Song...Gangster B (as Song Dong)
Zhongxuan MaZhongxuan Ma...Mi Biao (as Ma Zhong Xuan)
Bao Cheng LiBao Cheng Li...Fung Machete Chang (as Li Bao Cheng)
Yongde YangYongde Yang...Monk Jing (as Yang Yong De)
Shaojun ZhangShaojun Zhang...Male Performer (as Zhang Shao Jun)
Ning MaNing Ma...Female Performer (as Ma Ning)
Jianmin ZhuJianmin Zhu...Waiter (as Zhu Jian Min)
Changsheng DongChangsheng Dong...Homeless Man (as Don Chang Sheng)
Yi ShihYi Shih...Waitress (as Shih Yi)
Bin ChenBin Chen...Servant (as Chen Bin)
Shaocheng ZhangShaocheng Zhang...Nightman (as Chang Sao Chen)

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Movie Trailer

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Movie Description

In Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Movie Ang Lee's take on the Wu Xia tradition of Crouching Tiger filmmaking. Wu Xia, for those not familiar with Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Full Movie genre, evolved from popular Chinese tales. 

It includes respected warriors, mighty swordsmen, powerful swords, and often formulaic elements such as magic and mythical beasts. Possibly, it has affinities with sword-and-sorcery pulp literature and even with Western romances.

Although he grew up in Taiwan, not Hong Kong or China, Ang Lee has said that he has always wanted to make a Wu Xia film. 

When he did, he brought a sophistication and strong production values ​​that were not uncommon in mainstream Chinese cinema, but less common in the martial arts or wu xia traditions.

make no mistake; Crouching Tiger is a beautiful, beautiful film. The colors are rich, the light dances and the movements are ballistic. 

But unlike lesser imitations like Hero, it's about more than just stylish production and spellbinding action.

Most Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Movie (Western or Eastern) have a rigid plot against which the characters go. 

At least the characters become ciphers; They move Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Movie story forward by making choices regardless of whether those choices are in line with their character. Crouching Tiger, like the best of cinema, has dynamic characters whose internal conflicts drive the plot. The dog wags its tail, not Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Full Movie other way around.

At the heart of Crouching Tiger is the relationship between Li Mu Bai (Chow Yun-fat) and Yu Shu Lien (Michelle Yeoh). 

Mu Bai is looking for a way out of the Gang Ho (warrior) lifestyle. He joins a monastery as a path to enlightenment and peace, but cannot put aside his unrequited love for Shu Lien (another warrior). can. On the verge of professing their love for each other, Mu Bai's Green Destiny Sword is stolen, and her archenemy returns. 

He must temporarily put his emotions aside in order to retrieve Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Movie sword and bring his master's murderer to justice. 

Taking a bite out of his earlier directorial debut, Sense and Sensibility, Ang Lee weaves a story that tragically tears apart a loving and giving but repressed relationship. 

Mu Bai and Shu Lien, along with Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Movie fierce, strong-willed and destructive passions of Zhen Yu (Zhang Ziyi) and Lo (Chang Chen). The result, to me, was breathtaking.

Some critics have suggested that the characterization is quite modest. I think it just goes to show the high standard to which they were prepared to judge this film. Ang Lee perfectly matches the action/adventure with the drama. 

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Movie results may not please purists of either camp, but for the rest of the audience, it's pure magic.

In many ways, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is pure Wu Xia. But it has also re-invented Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Movie genre and given it artistic credibility. 

One of the greatest joys of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Movie is watching great Hong Kong stars like Chow Yun-Fat and Michelle Yeoh bring depth to the characters and fill the screen with their performances. 

The film also benefits from superb performances by Zhang Ziyi and the much underrated Chang Chen.

As for Ang Lee, I grew up reading wuxia novels in Taiwan. Those novels usually have a mix of gripping history, thrilling action, enchanting romance. But when these novels were made into Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Movie or TV series, none of them could match my imagination. 

It's either wrong casting, bad acting, tiresome costumes, shoddy storytelling, minimal budget (so everything is shot in studios and not in gorgeous Chinese landscapes as they were told in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Movie books), fake action.. .I could go on and on. 

Now Ang Lee has finally made a wuxia film that captures my imagination and fulfills my childhood dream.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Movie casting of CTHD is perfect. No disrespect to Jet Li, but Jet Li didn't make Li Mu Bai what he should be: noble, intelligent but tired. 

Chow Yun Fat conveys Li Mu Bai's unspoken feelings in a way that I can't imagine anyone else could. But she is known for her acting, Michelle Yeoh is known for her fighting skills. 

Here at CTHD, she proves herself as an excellent dramatic actress. The secret longing for Li and the confusion of Li's true feelings were clearly expressed through her eyes. 

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Movie scenes between them are heartwarming. Zhang Ziyi is a true find! What an amazing talent to steal scene after scene from the giants around him. She fled looking innocent, haughty, haughtily in love and distraught. 

He turned crouching tiger hidden dragon 2 complicated Jane into a real flesh-and-blood relatable human being. Chang Chen turns into a totally sexy and charming outlaw.

Ang Lee's "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" has a key moment near the beginning.

In close-up, we see the rough, heavy wooden wheels of a peasant cart. They nest in deep ravines clad in stone paving blocks of a roadway leading into a gated city.

 The cart rumbles, its wheels fit perfectly into Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Movie grooves worn by centuries of such passing wagons... Rising, we see an almost impossible panorama of Peking, crouching tiger hidden dragon 2 Forbidden City of Oz stretching to the horizon before us. Kind of spreading.

What a film it is: A brilliant action adventure romance with great performances and a very welcome heart under technical superiority.

"Crouching Tiger...", I'm told, is representative of a specific literary/cinematic genre in China: the Wu Xia... magician/warrior piece... magic and martial arts mixed. 

I'm not familiar with the form, but Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Movie world depicted here is a breathtaking fantasy. The story is set in 19th century China, but it could happen anywhere, anytime. It is a place of high honor and deep feelings, a place where people are bound by traditions and held captive by their forms. 

It's also a place of wild and mythical landscapes... from stark deserts (thought we got that featureless, wide-screen linear horizon seen in David Lean's "Lawrence of Arabia!" nowhere) to deep dark lakes. 

With magic mist rolling up to the green mountains and swift flowing streams that come braiding down the heights of rockslides. Waves in high, high bamboo forests, In wondrous, sighing winds.

People can do amazing things in this world. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Movie flying in this film - which is called "wire work" in film terms - is spectacular. 

Of course, this technique was not invented by Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Movie Wachowskis, but Wu-Ping Yuen, the choreographer for "Crouching Tiger ...", also staged wire-fights from "The Matrix".

 Here, our warrior heroes and villains have Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Movie ability to climb walls, leap across rooftops and soar from building to building - not to mention engage each other in aerial combat that climbs from the top of a mountain to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Full Movie cliffs. 

The mountain stream gushing at once – or swaying bamboo groves to duel on needle tips – seems almost plausible, at least at the limit of the possible. The crowd in the large theater at Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Full Movie advanced screening at Pipers Alley in Chicago burst into spontaneous applause several times ...

In other moments, I found myself crying in transport. Right now, I get teary-eyed—eye and sinus pain—as I think about Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Full Movie battle in the treetops.

Besides everything else, it's a great story! There's passion, there's love, there's revenge... it expresses a deep need and longing.

And, yes, women are Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Full Movie action heart of the film! Michelle Yeoh is amazing...but I've been in love with her for years. 

Here, he's more mature, calmer, wiser than in any role I've seen him in. Her performance is strong and dynamic, her face registering, magically, a range of conflicting emotions, hidden secrets, seething anger, all at once. 

In acting training, we were always told that you can't do that. She does

Chow Yun Fat, too...I've been a fan of his since I first discovered John Woo's Hong Kong crime I've ever seen, plus...brilliant in his silence. Strength without toughness.

At the center of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Full Movie is a girl who looks to be around 15! Ziyi Zhang whose date of birth is given as 1979. 

Zhang is from Beijing, China, and has only one other film credit. That's remarkable. His story is the binding element of the film. 

And this newcomer holds it together! Catch yourself with Yoh and Chow in both the dramatic material and the ballistic martial pas des dieux that frame the conflict between the characters. 

He's "Luke Skywalker," if you will... though "Crouching Tiger..." has everything one could wish for in the "Star Wars" saga: excitement, adventure, and magic. Here though, the techno fireworks are wrapped with heart and deeply resonating emotion. 

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Full Movie elements Lucasfilm wanted, but it only managed to provide in the most self-aware way.

By the way: this is an action Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Movie, with almost no violence... or, rather, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Full Movie violence is so stylized, so relegated to some mystical realm that it almost disappears in the dance. I believe there is only a small splatter of blood on the screen. 

In general, I don't like it—assuming that if you're going to do a crouching tiger hidden dragon 2 where violence is part of it, where Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Full Movie action leads, make it full-bore, "full peckinpaw," if you will.

Here, however, that stylization works beautifully with action sequences that take the breath away and inspire a sense of awe, rather than just leave you white-kneed and sweaty.

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