Coyote Ugly Movie | Coyote Ugly Full Movie | 2000


Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Piper PeraboPiper Perabo...Violet Sanford
Adam GarciaAdam Garcia...Kevin O'Donnell
John GoodmanJohn Goodman...Bill
Maria BelloMaria Bello...Lil
Izabella MikoIzabella Miko...Cammie
Tyra BanksTyra Banks...Zoe
Bridget MoynahanBridget Moynahan...Rachel
Melanie LynskeyMelanie Lynskey...Gloria
Del PentecostDel Pentecost...Lou
Michael WestonMichael Weston...Danny
LeAnn RimesLeAnn Rimes...LeAnn Rimes
Jeremy RowleyJeremy Rowley...William Morris Receptionist
Ellen CleghorneEllen Cleghorne...Music Publishing Receptionist
John FugelsangJohn Fugelsang...Richie the Booker
Bud CortBud Cort...Romero
Robert AhlersRobert Ahlers...Finale Club Back-Up Musician
Orlando SimsOrlando Sims...Finale Club Back-Up Musician
Barry Michael DuffBarry Michael Duff...Finale Club Back-Up Musician
William Ritter IIIWilliam Ritter III...Finale Club Back-Up Musician
Chanda BaileyChanda Bailey...Finale Club Back-Up Musician
Freez LuvFreez Luv...Fiji Mermaid Club Bouncer (as Freeze Luv)
Alex BandAlex Band...Fiji Mermaid Club Band
Miles MosleyMiles Mosley...Fiji Mermaid Club Band
Aaron KaminAaron Kamin...Fiji Mermaid Club Band
Victor VanacoreVictor Vanacore...Fiji Mermaid Club Band (as Vic Vanacore)
Greg PittsGreg Pitts...Fiji Mermaid Waiter
Whitney DylanWhitney Dylan...Fiji Mermaid Worker
Marvin KruegerMarvin Krueger...Surgeon
Victor ArgoVictor Argo...Pete
Peter AppelPeter Appel...Pizza Customer
John MondinJohn Mondin...Pizza Customer
Frank MedranoFrank Medrano...Walt
Elizabeth BeckwithElizabeth Beckwith...Management Office Receptionist
Diane HudockDiane Hudock...Open Mic Woman
Tara MacLeanTara MacLean...Open Mic Singer (as Tara McLean)
Eric RitterEric Ritter...Arlene's Grocery Audience Member
Thomas R. MartinThomas R. Martin...Arlene's Grocery Audience Member
Ken Hudson CampbellKen Hudson Campbell...Biker (as Ken Campbell)
Jorgen de MeyJorgen de Mey...Coyote Ugly Customer
Jimmy ShubertJimmy Shubert...Coyote Ugly Drunk
Greg GintherGreg Ginther...Coyote Ugly Drunk
Jeff MichalskiJeff Michalski...Fire Marshall
Kaitlin OlsonKaitlin Olson...Bidding Customer (as Kaitlin Olsen)
JJ SnyderJJ Snyder...Bidding Customer (as Jennifer Jean)
Susan YeagleySusan Yeagley...Bidding Customer
Jill GettelsonJill Gettelson...Bidding Customer
Jack McGeeJack McGee...Pitcher
Paul Bateman Davis-MillerPaul Bateman Davis-Miller...Sam Ash Salesman (as Paul Davis-Miller)
Johnny ZanderJohnny Zander...Roy The Busboy
Wali CollinsWali Collins...Critch
Scott RussoScott Russo...Elbow Room Band Member
Rob BrewerRob Brewer...Elbow Room Band Member
Steve MorrisSteve Morris...Elbow Room Band Member
Wade YoumanWade Youman...Elbow Room Band Member
Patrick KimPatrick Kim...Elbow Room Band Member
Natasha ReuletNatasha Reulet...Girl at the Surprise Party
Sarah Jane MorrisSarah Jane Morris...Girl at the Surprise Party (as Sarah Morris)
Jennifer DayJennifer Day...Girl at the Surprise Party
Nava PlotskiNava Plotski...Girl at the Surprise Party (as Nava Plotsky)
Alicia LorénAlicia Lorén...Girl at the Surprise Party (as Alicia Sorell)
Jennifer ManaloJennifer Manalo...Girl at the Surprise Party
Nicole GhastinNicole Ghastin...Lyndsay Morgan
Jonathan KleinJonathan Klein...Manager
Alexandra BalahoutisAlexandra Balahoutis...Hostess
Johnny KnoxvilleJohnny Knoxville...College Guy
Chris WyldeChris Wylde...College Guy
Mandy AmanoMandy Amano...Dancing Girl in Bar
Carla AlapontCarla Alapont...Dancing Girl in Bar (as Carla Alaponte)
Stephanie HodgeStephanie Hodge...Dancing Girl in Bar
Allison FordAllison Ford...Dancing Girl in Bar
Kathy NowreyKathy Nowrey...Dancing Girl in Bar
Michael BayMichael Bay...Photographer
Chip ChineryChip Chinery...Cop
Nick VallelongaNick Vallelonga...Cop
Joseph Patrick KellyJoseph Patrick Kelly...Coyote Ugly Bar Patron
Greg CollinsGreg Collins...Coyote Ugly Bar Patron
Stephen SneddenStephen Snedden...Customer - Fancy Drinks
Chris SoldevillaChris Soldevilla...Man Ordering Shots
Joe Bucaro IIIJoe Bucaro III...Finale Club Drunk (as Joseph Bucaro III)
James T. SaleJames T. Sale...Finale Club Drunk
Heather Shannon RyanHeather Shannon Ryan...Sorority Girl
Biljana FilipovicBiljana Filipovic...Bar Fight Girlfriend
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Jiyune AhnJiyune Ahn...Bar Patron (uncredited)
Dan AndreiuDan Andreiu...Bar Patron (uncredited)
Eddie AniskoEddie Anisko...Finale Club Lead-In Band (uncredited)
Alex BorsteinAlex Borstein...Bidding Customer (uncredited)
Michael R BowmanMichael R Bowman...Coyote Ugly Bar Patron (uncredited)
Adam CarreraAdam Carrera...Bar Patron (uncredited)
Ryan CavanaughRyan Cavanaugh...Groomsman (uncredited)
Tony CollucciTony Collucci...High Five Guy (uncredited)
Rebeca CristianRebeca Cristian...Bar patron (uncredited)
Claudia CummingsClaudia Cummings...Violet (uncredited)
Jennifer CurranJennifer Curran...Bartender (uncredited)
Marc DaviesMarc Davies...Bar Patron #1 (uncredited)
Daniella DeVarneyDaniella DeVarney...Waitress (uncredited)
Brian DiederichBrian Diederich...Best Man (uncredited)
Timothy HuangTimothy Huang...Pedestrian (uncredited)
James HuffmanJames Huffman...Bar Patron (uncredited)
Tara Nicole HughesTara Nicole Hughes...Dancer (uncredited)
Jason JacobsJason Jacobs...Finale Club Lead-In Band (uncredited)
Sofia KarstensSofia Karstens...Dancer #4 (uncredited)
Sandra LeggioSandra Leggio...Bar Dancer (uncredited)
Cat LingCat Ling...Chinese Woman (uncredited)
Corey LubakCorey Lubak...Bar Patron (uncredited)
Rana MorrisonRana Morrison...Gigi-Girl Dancing on Bar (uncredited)
Tony Tanelli OliverTony Tanelli Oliver...Kevin O'Donnel Co-Worker (uncredited)
Calvi PabonCalvi Pabon...Sexy Dancer (uncredited)
Jeannette PapineauJeannette Papineau...Bar / Night Club Girl (uncredited)
Melody PerkinsMelody Perkins...New Coyote (uncredited)
Rachel PuchkoffRachel Puchkoff...Dancing Girl in Bar (uncredited)
Jimmy StarJimmy Star...Bar Patron (uncredited)
Carol Ann SusiCarol Ann Susi...Bidding Costumer (uncredited)
Patty TobinPatty Tobin...The Red-Headed Nurse (uncredited)
Lisa Marie WaishesLisa Marie Waishes...Shannon (uncredited)
Brad YoderBrad Yoder...College Guy (uncredited)
Patrick YonallyPatrick Yonally...Finale Club Lead-In Band (uncredited)

Coyote Ugly Movie Trailer

Coyote Ugly Film - trailer

Coyote Ugly Movie Description

In Coyote Ugly Movie Producer Jerry Bruckheimer seems to have an innate sense of what makes money in cinema. He seldom makes a film that isn't profitable and has numerous blockbusters on his resume over the past 30 years (American Gigolo, Flashdance, Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun, The Rock, Con Air, Armageddon). 

Bruckheimer is a populist producer. He is more concerned with giving audiences what they want than he is about producing films of any artistic value or substance. In that regard, `Coyote Ugly Movie' fits right in.

Coyote Ugly Film is energetic, entertaining, scintillating and fun to watch. The story is "Flashdance" lite, and is reminiscent of the popular but vacuous `Cocktail' with Tom Cruise, only with a decent plot woven in. 

Violet Sanford (Piper Perabo) is a young aspiring songwriter who leaves South Amboy, New Jersey traveling to New York City to be discovered. 

When things don't go as planned, she takes a job as a bartender in a raucous singles bar where the sexy female bartenders dance provocatively on the bar to the shrieks of the rowdy patrons below. 

Of course, there is a love story to go along with the quest for fame, completing the populist formula.

Bruckheimer defies the conventional Hollywood big budget approach by using an ensemble cast of veritable unknowns and a first time director. 

Other than John Goodman in a minor role, and supermodel Tyra Banks who hasn't done much acting, most of the actors have extremely short resumes. 

This gives the film a freshness and energy that comes from the cast's exhilaration at just being on the set.

Piper Perabo is an incredible find. She is not simply acting in Coyote Ugly Movie, but living the role. Just like her character Violet, Coyote Ugly Film is her big break so her ability to understand the character and the role is implicit (another stroke of Bruckheimer genius). Perabo is an excellent actor with tremendous ability and potential. 

It is likely that Coyote Ugly Film will be the launch pad for a bright career. Maria Bello also gives a fabulous performance as Lil, the tough and successful owner of the nightclub. Australian actor Adam Garcia has great chemistry with Perabo as Violet's love interest. 

His pleasant demeanor and good looks have many people comparing him with Mel Gibson, although it remains to be seen whether he can handle roles that are more substantial. 

John Goodman provides one of the film's best moments when he gets up on the bar and dances as Violet auctions him off to the screaming women in the crowd.

The DVD is packed with interesting special features about the making of the film. 

It also includes a DTS audio option, which I like better than Dolby Digital 5.1. The soundtrack is pulsating and explosive and pumps the film up with excitement.

This is not great filmmaking, but it is great entertainment. It is an amiable film that sparkles with energy and is easy to watch. 

I rated it a 7/10. Many people were surprised by how much they enjoyed it, but I'm never surprised when I like a Jerry Bruckheimer film. He knows how to push our buttons.

After 20 years, I'd have to doesn't hold up that well. BUT, that's not to say, it brings a tug of nostalgia for that era of Jerry Bruckheimer slick music video retreads of "Flashdance" A lot of it is due to Diane Warren's corny soundtrack music. And those of us who were in college by now, have a slight shiver when we hear her anthems. 

Which nearly toppled another Jerry Bruckheimer gem "Con Air" with "How Do I Live Without You" Oof.

The present day woman would consider that dis-empowering to be so attached to a man (or perhaps this could be used towards other women). Speaking of which, the topic at hand is "Coyote Ugly Movie." 

Presumably, an article led to this story (written by Gina Wendkos). I recall a friend had moved to New York City and discovered a bar called Hogs and Heifers, which shared very similar rambunctious behavior (nailing bras to the wall). 

And dancing on bars and so forth. In Jerry Bruckheimer's PG-13. So none of the topless stuff is displayed (unless you get the unrated DVD/Blu-Ray which shows Piper Perabo's funbags).

Though Coyote Ugly Full Movie is about making it in the big city, it is somewhat laughable at the truncated timeline. 

Within a few weeks Violet Sanford (Perabo) becomes the hottest songwriter in the country with a number 1 hit that is sung by Leanne Rhimes. 

And though these girls are suppose to be world and tough, the painfully model casting of...Tyra Banks, Bridget Moynahan, Izabella Miko and Maria Bello set this in a truly fantastical mystical world I'd reserve Hollywood. 

If that was the intention than kudos to director David McNally. To me, it seems less genuine. 

Jennifer Beals would seem like a dog up agains these girls. Any way, great to see John Goodman pop up as Violet's New Jersey dad (though still seems like he can't shake that Dan Conner-ness) and Bud Cort's very small cameo. 

Clearly Coyote Ugly Full Movie was made to rake in the jiggle factor. So, cheers to them for recognizing what it exists for.

Based on the true story about the Mad Woman run bar in New York City, Coyote Ugly Movie turns out to be surprisingly believable despite the usual Hollywood bits. 

The story follows Violet Sanford (Piper Perabo) as she moves from small-town New Jersey to become a songwriter in the city. 

Through her misfortune she meets boyfriend Kevin O'Donnell (Adam Garcia) and coyotes and learns from each of them how to overcome the stage fright that threatens to ruin her dreams.

Many moments are sad or overly dramatic but most are thrilling as all the characters are solidly built. 

All the girls have their own character but they are not tied so tightly that they become mere symbols rather than people. While the women may be on screen the most, two supporting men Kevin and William Sanford (John Goodman) provide the most heartwarming scenes. 

Goodman's performance provides subtle humor while her character struggles through the struggle of abandoning her daughter and her desire to see her succeed. 

For an actor who has delivered so many stellar performances, this still manages to be one of his best.

Coyote Ugly Movie offers something enjoyable for everyone. Boys will obviously enjoy the attractive girls and provocative dancing, while girls may enjoy the strong female characters, each of whom will take no nonsense from any of the men around them.

Parents may enjoy the side story of the conflict between Violet and her father. Another feature to enjoy is the great music with four songs performed by LeAnn Rimes with some smaller groups as well.

Coyote Ugly Movie crosses the unusual boundary of being an exciting, fast-paced movie that gets the adrenaline flowing and a sensitive story with strong characters and brilliant acting that moves the mind to action. 

The result is a totally rewarding movie experience.

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