Chocolat Movie | Chocolat Full Film | 2000

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Alfred MolinaAlfred Molina...Comte de Reynaud
Carrie-Anne MossCarrie-Anne Moss...Caroline Clairmont
Aurelien Parent KoenigAurelien Parent Koenig...Luc Clairmont (as Aurèlien Parent Koenig)
Antonio GilAntonio Gil...Jean-Marc Drou (as Antonio Gil-Martinez)
Hélène CardonaHélène Cardona...Francoise 'Fuffi' Drou
Harrison PrattHarrison Pratt...Dedou Drou
Gaelan ConnellGaelan Connell...Didi Drou
Élisabeth CommelinÉlisabeth Commelin...Yvette Marceau (as Elisabeth Commelin)
Ron CookRon Cook...Alphonse Marceau
Guillaume TardieuGuillaume Tardieu...Baptiste Marceau
Hugh O'ConorHugh O'Conor...Father Henri
John WoodJohn Wood...Guillaume Blérot
Lena OlinLena Olin...Josephine Muscat
Peter StormarePeter Stormare...Serge Muscat
Leslie CaronLeslie Caron...Madame Audel
Juliette BinocheJuliette Binoche...Vianne Rocher
Victoire ThivisolVictoire Thivisol...Anouk Rocher
Judi DenchJudi Dench...Armande Voizin
Michèle GleizerMichèle Gleizer...Madame Rivet
Dominique MacAvoyDominique MacAvoy...Madame Pouget (as Dominique Mac'Avoy)
Arnaud AdamArnaud Adam...George Rocher
Christianne OliveiraChristianne Oliveira...Chitza (as Christianne Gadd)
Johnny DeppJohnny Depp...Roux
Marion HauducoeurMarion Hauducoeur...Gati
Esteban AntonioEsteban Antonio...Thin Grizzled Man
J.J. HolidayJ.J. Holiday...Musician
Malcolm RossMalcolm Ross...Musician
Ged BarryGed Barry...Musician
Iain StoddartIain Stoddart...Musician
Sally Taylor-IsherwoodSally Taylor-Isherwood...Re-voicing (voice)
Tatyana YassukovichTatyana Yassukovich...Storyteller (voice)
Sally the DogSally the Dog...Charly the Dog (as Sally)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Kelley CostiganKelley Costigan...Townswoman (uncredited)
Dominique DelanyDominique Delany...Countess (uncredited)
João Costa MenezesJoão Costa Menezes...Gypsy (uncredited)

Chocolat Movie Trailer

Chocolat Full Movie (2000) Official Trailer #1 - Juliette Binoche Movie HD

Chocolat Movie Description

In Chocolat Movie A film to awaken the senses and excite the sweet tooth, 'Chocolat Film', directed by Lasse Hallström and starring Juliette Binoche. One is both sensual and sensational pleasure. 

In the mid-50s, as if born on the winds of fate, a somewhat mysterious woman arrives in a small town in France, with a young daughter, Anouk (Victoire Thivisol) in tow, and a special talent that soon... 

This greatly affects the people of the city. a stir. Binoche is Vianne Rocher, a woman who uses her exotic recipe for Chocolat Film to unlock the repressed sensibilities of a predominantly Catholic citizenry, which until now have been suppressed by the stern and righteous demeanor of the mayor, Comte de Renaud (Alfred Molina). Was kept under thumb, with no relief or help.

even from the town's young and inexperienced priest, Pere Henri (Hugh O'Connor). And because Viaan has the audacity to open her Chocolat Film shop during Lent, when of course her luxurious treats are forbidden, she quickly runs after the mayor and the two begin a battle of wills. 

Her Chocolate Film are irresistible, but Meyer has tradition and religion, and this free-spirited Vian -- who has something of a gypsy -- puts her to the test. As a director, Hallström has just the right touch to bring out the best in what this story has to offer, which is saying a lot. 

It is an affecting and funny film that will touch you emotionally as it connects you with the characters; The Hallstrom knows exactly which buttons to press and when, and it does the job brilliantly. 

There is a touch of mystery surrounding Vian that underlies the sensibility of the story, and Hallström never lets it become maudlin, successfully maintaining the integrity of the play. 

And there are moments throughout the film that create a sense of almost dreamlike calmness that draws you in as you drench in the visual pleasures of the Chocolate Film. 

Be careful though, it's hard for diabetics to watch. Hallström also has an absolutely excellent cast for him in this, many of whom deliver Oscar-worthy, memorable performances, starting with the wonderful Juliette Binoche. 

There is an earthy, enigmatic and classic sense of beauty about her that makes her presence on screen captivating; He is simply a joy to behold. 

Judi Dench (Amande), meanwhile, turns a terrifying character as a mother whose daughter, Caroline (Carrie-Anne Moss), embarrasses her and her sons, Luc (Aurelien Parent-Koening), and Lena Olin. Makes a bad impression. 

(Josephine) is also excellent, as a grieving woman who finds hope in Viaan's indomitable spirit. Three extraordinary performances from talented actresses that deserve to be recognized with an Oscar nomination. 

And Molina too, as the narrow-minded Comte, gives possibly the best performance of his career, while Johnny Depp (Roux) has some charm as the leader of a nomadic community of river people. 

The supporting cast includes John Wood (Guillaume), Peter Stormare (Serge) and Leslie Caron (Madame Audelle). Possibly the most beloved film of the year, as well as one of the best, 'Chocolat Movie' is a visual and emotional triumph that will warm your heart and make your taste buds salivate, with a story and characters as rich and satisfying as In Candy they embrace. 

It is a film with a human touch whose images and sensibility will stay with you long after the screen goes dark; An uplifting, entertaining film that proves that the answers to life's mysteries may be found in that box of Chocolate Film, after all.

Chocolat Movie is a good movie. The plot is really great, and despite being simple at first sight it has various layers and subtle symbolism, especially in the 'Chocolate Film' types. For example, for a boy with a picky personality, he offered bittersweet Chocolate movie.

 And the lady sad, hurt by life, with bitter personality, she then offered spiced chocolate. Chocolate Film itself represented some sort of freedom and liberation of the repressed side of individuals. 

Very interesting, and it's definitely a film to be appreciated. The way the city reacts is also very curious. 

The characters that appear in the film have a special kind of personality and also have a subtle meaning in them. And it is up to the beholder to discover these meanings.

The art direction is also good, very thought provoking and certainly adds to the overall feel of the film. 

The natural aura that emanates from the film has much to do with the excellent work in the lightning and in the landscape, the small Italian town with its rudimentary, but harmless shops. 

The soundtrack is amazing, and fits perfectly into every scene. The acting is overall very good, with Alfred Molina, Juliette Binoche and Judi Dench particularly superb in their roles.

Chocolate movie gives new meaning to one of my favorite movie phrases, eye candy. As the title suggests this is a very sweet film, and not just for the gobs and gobs of luscious, mouth-watering, little morsels. 

There are parts of the film that look like they could belong to a particularly delectable episode of 'Martha Stewart Living,' but if you can get past the hunger pangs this one will definitely impress, you You will find that there is much more to this engaging and simple story.

The film plays into the style of all whimsical children's fairy tales while at the same time blending in a series of very serious adult themes. 

It chronicles the adventures of single mother Vianne Rocher, played to a wonderful effect by Juliette Binoche as always, and her sugary but confused 6-year-old daughter Anouk (Victoire Thivisol), who lives in a small rural village with a tremendous The winter wind blows. 

French town of Lansquenet-sous-Tanes. There he opened a small Chocolate movie shop. Now this sounds innocent enough but the people of the town have a different opinion. 

For one the shop has opened at the very unwelcome time of Lent (a religious fast), during which of course new temptations are not invited. The new residents of Second City refuse to attend Sunday morning worship service. 

Viaan, led by the mayor (Alfred Molina), soon finds himself the center of the town's gossip and distaste. The fight heats up between the allegedly idolatrous Vien and the overly conservative, stuffed shirt townspeople. 

Initially it looks like the Rochers are losing, but the battle soon turns as the townspeople begin to discover the mouth-melting effects of Vian's amazing taste-teasing treats.

Misadventure after misadventure ensues as the couple come into contact with a wide range of colorful characters (just when you'd think he'd be an extra in Johnny Depp), solving their problems while at the same time selling their Chocolate movie. Morality is largely left open, and can be interpreted in many ways. 

My personal thoughts are this: being good and righteous doesn't mean you can't be different, you must accept everyone, not necessarily for who they are, but for what they are, human beings. Everyone deserves a fair chance. In the end all the characters realize the error of their ways and live together happily and in harmony.

Chocolate movie opened to mixed reviews. Some critics find it overly simplistic, but I think it's the simplicity of the film that makes it so endearingly compelling. Sometimes it gets a little silly, but it all ends up with a nice warm-up effect. 

Apparently the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences shares my view as the film was nominated for five Academy Awards, Best Picture, Best Actress (Binoche), Best Supporting Actress (Judi Dench), Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Original Score went.

Chocolate movie is a mouth-watering piece of movie magic. Definitely worth a look! It has its flaws, but they are easily overshadowed by its brilliant performances (especially by Binoche), beautiful visuals, dizzying musical score and delightful story. Oh, and those amazing Chocolate movie.

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