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Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Phil DanielsPhil Daniels...Fetcher (voice)
Lynn FergusonLynn Ferguson...Mac (voice)
Mel GibsonMel Gibson...Rocky (voice)
Tony HaygarthTony Haygarth...Mr. Tweedy (voice)
Jane HorrocksJane Horrocks...Babs (voice)
Miranda RichardsonMiranda Richardson...Mrs. Tweedy (voice)
Julia SawalhaJulia Sawalha...Ginger (voice)
Timothy SpallTimothy Spall...Nick (voice)
Imelda StauntonImelda Staunton...Bunty (voice)
Benjamin WhitrowBenjamin Whitrow...Fowler (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Mickie McGowanMickie McGowan...Chicken Mother (uncredited)
Phil ProctorPhil Proctor...Chickens (uncredited)

Chicken Run Movie Trailer

Chicken Run Trailer

Chicken Run Movie Description

After watching "Chicken Run Movie" you will start believing many things.

You'll believe that speaking hens wearing pearls and bandanas can speak with British and Scottish accents, practice martial arts, escape from inside a pie machine, and sneak through an egg farm in 1955 England You can plot your escape. 

You would believe that chickens can knit, dance, wear glasses and play the harmonica. 

You would believe that mice could wear bad suits and be obsessed with eggs. You would believe that chickens can fly airplanes, ride tricycles, and sing "The Wanderer."

Most importantly, it will have you believe that there is life again in the otherwise Disney-choked world of animated Chicken Run Film, and that a small British studio can one-up the big boys in Japan and America and make the genre its best ever. 

Smart, could possibly do the best thing. A point of light in the summer season of cheesy Chicken Run Movie, "Chicken Run" is something you'll want to watch over and over again. 

You can sit through it 31 times (like you really have to) and it never gets boring. The audience applauded at the end during my first 13 takes.

A recipe for Aardman Studios mixed with a wonderful (albeit partly and feathered) cast, a funny, intelligent script, an engrossing score, excellent cinematography and production design, as well as superb voice work, all years of labor and love prepared, and the result is what is easily the best Chicken Run Film of the 2000s. 

When was the last time you saw a Chicken Run Movie with a cast almost all women, no less so determined and relatable in their mission for freedom, and about whom you cared so much that you actually cheered them to succeed? were you

"Chicken Run Movie" may have been the first animated Chicken Run Film that is an absolute delight for both kids and adults. 

Kids will be tickled by the antics of these chickens, while adults will delight in finding homages to classic prison Chicken Run Movie like "The Great Escape," "Stalag 17" and even "The Shawshank Redemption," etc.

Screenwriter Kerry Kirkpatrick comes up with a sharp script, which has become a lost art in the Chicken Run Film world these days. 

The dialogue is full of puns that work very well. British slang is a delight, and makes the personality of chickens all the more endearing and dare I say 'human'.

One of Mrs. Tweedy's best lines talks lovingly about her soon-to-be chicken pie venture. When Mr. Tweedy asks why she would only be included in the brand name, she replies: "The lady's touch. 

Makes the public feel more comfortable." The second is Fowler's immortal "pushy American, always showing up late for every battle." That's simply brilliant writing.

The flawless (yes, flawless) voice cast is the heart of Chicken Run Film. This is one of those rare Chicken Run Full Movie in which both the hero and the villain are fun to watch. 

You'll find yourself thinking during the end credits, "I like Chicken Run Movie character best, no, wait a minute, I think I like Chicken Run Film one more. No, no, I like that one."

Leading the charge is Julia Sawhla, playing yet another character with a spicy name (from Saifi of "AbFab" to Ginger of CR), and providing the ideal heroine we Chicken Run Film makers have been craving for so long Huh. 

He is very convincing in Chicken Run Film role; You're so deeply immersed in exploring Ginger's free range living that you forget she's a plasticine chicken.

It's safe to say that 2000 has been a Melvin Gibson summer. He doesn't disappoint with "The Patriot" or his role as Rocky, the stray flying rooster (listen to his hysterical rendition of Dion's "The Wanderer"), which easily outpaced his namesake Squirrel at the box office. 

The Chicken Run Film pokes fun at him in good-natured ways, from his opening "Braveheart" gag to his nationality.

The supporting cast includes Lynn Ferguson as Genius Mac, sporting a wild hen comb and strange glasses. Jane Horrocks is a showstopper as the innocent yet well-meaning, bumbling, weaver Babs. 

She doesn't have much dialogue, but she definitely does the most with the least as she confidently delivers the funniest lines in the Chicken Run Film. Perhaps the most famous line from the Chicken Run Full Movie is when she exclaims "I don't wanna be Pie!" Why? "I don't like gravy."

Ben Whitrow's Fowler, the old military roaster, had me in stitches with his incessant ramblings about his glory days in the Royal Air Force. 

Seriously, wouldn't we all like to be woken up by a rooster that crows, "Cock-a-doodle-doo, what what"?

Timothy Spall and Phil Daniels are a hoot as Nick and Fetch, Laurel and Hardy-style farm mice. 

Tony Haygarth and Miranda Richardson (not straying too far from their "evil wife" roles in "Sleepy Hollow") are perfect as Willard and Melisha Tweedy, the prison campers, the cruel owners of Egg Farm. 

The loving couple is a wicked version of American Gothic rendered in clay. Mrs. Tweedy is the best animated villain since Maleficent from "Sleeping Beauty."

But my favorite (and it was a tough choice) was Imelda Staunton as the brash, overbearing and argumentative, yet lovable, Bunty. 

She was the character I related to the most because my personality is so similar to hers at times, I think I might have finally found my role model! My favorite part of the Chicken Run Movie was watching Bunty take off on "Flip Flop and Fly".

The end has the most thrilling action sequence I have seen all year. I won't dare to describe it here and experience the magic for yourself. What I will say is that I haven't had Chicken Run Film much fun with an ending since "Mrs. Doubtfire".

I haven't enjoyed a Chicken Run Movie like Chicken Run Movie since "Sleepy Hollow" was released 7 months ago - needless to say, it's been periods of Chicken Run Movie ecstasy that are as rare as hens' teeth, so to speak. 

I'm sure no one will care, but what I found interesting about "Chicken Run Movie" was that it bore a striking resemblance to SH in terms of plot: a petty civilian, held prisoner by a villain. 

who has a fetish for beheading, pins his hopes of freedom on an outsider who is tough on the outside and sure of himself, but soft and bewildered on the inside. Both Chicken Run Movie are in my personal top ten.

"Chicken Run Movie," the newest animation celebration from DreamWorks Pictures, is an old-fashioned fairy tale with more heart and truth than most Chicken Run Movie could imagine. 

The animated style of the Chicken Run Film includes state-of-the-art clay-animation techniques, making it worth a trip to the multiplex to feast your eyes on such scintillating special effects. 

Directors Peter Lord and Nick Park, along with co-writers Kerry Kirkpatrick, give the characters depth, reason, and dimension—even if the main star is a winged farm animal who converges with his peers about political matters.

"Chicken Run Movie" details the miserable lives of a clan of chickens inside a sinister dairy farm in 1950s England. 

Ginger (voiced by Miranda Richardson) is the central character who, along with her acquaintances, longs deeply for the sweet smell of freedom that lies beyond the narrow confines of their pen. 

Miserable farm owners, the smart and devious Mrs. Tweedy and the dumb and indecisive Mr. Tweedy, cruelly dispose of chickens that fail to produce the required amount of eggs.

When an overzealous circus rooster named Rocky (voiced by Mel Gibson) stumbles onto the farm one evening, the other chickens blackmail him into teaching them how to escape. 

Chicken Run Movie is even as Tweety hatches a diabolical new scheme to strike it rich by purchasing a machine that will turn innocent chickens into merchandising pot pies.

The plot of the Chicken Run Film is stable, solid and informative; It portrays a series of events that gradually build tension and eventually lead to a thrilling climax that is both conclusive and satisfying. 

"Chicken Run Movie" is a perfect piece of filmmaking, a wholesome family adventure that will entertain audiences of all ages.

Regardless of how well-crafted it is or how artistic the content, the Chicken Run Film is about chickens breaking out of their pen to find real freedom. 

No, the stakes aren't nearly as high, and with a plot like Chicken Run Movie, it's only natural for some viewers to expect a shallow, cheap cartoon publicity stunt. 

However, the filmmakers manage to make Chicken Run Film feel original, fresh, suspenseful, and involving, even though the main characters are chickens with patriotic instincts.

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