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Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Cameron DiazCameron Diaz...Natalie
Drew BarrymoreDrew Barrymore...Dylan
Lucy LiuLucy Liu...Alex
Bill MurrayBill Murray...Bosley
Sam RockwellSam Rockwell...Eric Knox
Kelly LynchKelly Lynch...Vivian Wood
Tim CurryTim Curry...Roger Corwin
Crispin GloverCrispin Glover...Thin Man
Matt LeBlancMatt LeBlanc...Jason
LL Cool JLL Cool J...Mr. Jones
Tom GreenTom Green...Chad
Luke WilsonLuke Wilson...Pete
Sean WhalenSean Whalen...Pasqual
Tim DunawayTim Dunaway...Flight Attendant
Alex TrebekAlex Trebek...Alex Trebek
Raliegh WilsonRaliegh Wilson...Reform Officer (as Raleigh Wilson)
Mark RyanMark Ryan...Fencing Opponent
Bobby OreBobby Ore...Driving Instructor
Guy OsearyGuy Oseary...DJ
Joe DuerJoe Duer...UPS Delivery Guy
Matthew FraumanMatthew Frauman...Red Star Systems Techie
Reginald C. HayesReginald C. Hayes...Red Star Systems Techie (as Reggie Hayes)
Melissa McCarthyMelissa McCarthy...Doris
Bob StephensonBob Stephenson...Red Star Systems Director
Ned BellamyNed Bellamy...Red Star Systems Director
Raymond PattersonRaymond Patterson...Director's Buddy
Björn FlorBjörn Flor...Red Star Systems Security Guard (as Bjorn Flor)
Gaven E. LucasGaven E. Lucas...Boy
Michael BarryteMichael Barryte...Boy
Andrew WilsonAndrew Wilson...Corwin's Driver
Branden WilliamsBranden Williams...Assistant Director
Frank MaroccoFrank Marocco...Accordionist
Diesel PfingstenDiesel Pfingsten...Partygoer (as Darrell Pfingsten)
Jim CallowayJim Calloway...Bouncer (as Jimmy Calloway)
Kevin GreviouxKevin Grevioux...Bouncer
Michael PapajohnMichael Papajohn...Bathroom Thug
Jim PalmerJim Palmer...Shooter
Shawn WoodsShawn Woods...Shooter
Kenny EndosoKenny Endoso...Getaway Driver
Tom GarnerTom Garner...Getaway Driver
Isaac C. Singleton Jr.Isaac C. Singleton Jr....Kidnapper
Paul EliopoulosPaul Eliopoulos...Knox Thug
Tim GilbertTim Gilbert...Knox Thug
Al GotoAl Goto...Knox Thug
Steven ItoSteven Ito...Knox Thug
Felipe SavahgeFelipe Savahge...Knox Thug
Mike SmithMike Smith...Knox Thug
Jerry TrimbleJerry Trimble...Knox Thug
John ForsytheJohn Forsythe...Charlie (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Kristen AlexanderKristen Alexander...Kari (uncredited)
Dan AndreiuDan Andreiu...Beach Goer (uncredited)
Jeff AndrusJeff Andrus...Cafe Crew Member (uncredited)
Jane BordeauxJane Bordeaux...Air Port Attendant (uncredited)
Paige BrooksPaige Brooks...Geisha (uncredited)
Jennifer ColeJennifer Cole...Corwin's Assistant (uncredited)
Affion CrockettAffion Crockett...Dancer (uncredited)
Ivana FirestoneIvana Firestone...Female Rock Climber (uncredited)
Darianne GaldenDarianne Galden...Cadet Smith (uncredited)
Gichi GambaGichi Gamba...Dancer (uncredited)
Scott HislopScott Hislop...Disco Dancer (uncredited)
Ray HuffmanRay Huffman...RedStar Employee Looking at Alex Munday's Butt (uncredited)
Ariane Von KampAriane Von Kamp...Girl at Party (uncredited)
Charles M. KerperCharles M. Kerper...Tuxedo Man (uncredited)
Karen McDougalKaren McDougal...Roger Corwin's Girl at Party (uncredited)
Paul McMichaelPaul McMichael...Pedestrian (uncredited)
Christopher MetasChristopher Metas...Airline Passenger (uncredited)
Darren MichaelsDarren Michaels...Astronaut #2 (uncredited)
Adrian MoralesAdrian Morales...Red Star Employee (uncredited)
Paul OliverPaul Oliver...Soul Train Dancer (uncredited)
Ayesha OrangeAyesha Orange...Dancer (uncredited)
Heather Elizabeth ParkhurstHeather Elizabeth Parkhurst...Model (uncredited)
Ron RussellRon Russell...Plane Passenger (uncredited)
Josh SeffingerJosh Seffinger...Featured Dancer (uncredited)
Matt SergottMatt Sergott...Dancer (uncredited)
Steven T StantonSteven T Stanton...Soul Train Dancer (uncredited)
Kevin Alexander SteaKevin Alexander Stea...Featured Dancer (uncredited)
Suzie SteenSuzie Steen...Leonie (uncredited)
Tony Stef'AnoTony Stef'Ano...Party Guest (uncredited)
Nikki TuazonNikki Tuazon...Dancer (uncredited)
Junichi YanagitaJunichi Yanagita...Knox Thug (uncredited)
Brad Everett YoungBrad Everett Young...Red Star Employee (uncredited)
Cheung-Yan YuenCheung-Yan Yuen...Chinese Man on Plane (uncredited)

Charlie's Angels Movie Trailer

CHARLIE'S ANGELS Film - Official Trailer (HD)

Charlie's Angels Movie Description

In Charlie's Angels Movie The three little girls have become three little women who work as special agents for Charlie (through the intermediary Bosley). 

When he is contracted by Roger Corwin to retrieve evidence of the hijacked Eric Knox's voice recognition device. 

The agents are successful but Knox's more sinister intentions are revealed and the angels find themselves fighting to protect Charlie and Bosley.

Another line from a film remake of an old TV show, in the words of LL Cool J. 'Another remake of an old TV show'. However it almost succeeds for the simple reason that it never tries to take itself too seriously. 

It works because it can be as camp, silly and OTT as we know that's meant to be. The plot is fine and has some sensible twists but what really takes it forward are the jokes and the action. The silliness can be a bit much at times and a bit tiresome.

For example we have a lot of shots of girls tossing their hair, and a lot of scenes that don't make any sense. 

For example a high speed car chase ends on a bridge but there is no reason for this to happen and nothing happens as a result. 

The fights are too OTT and too much of a Matrix rip-off they're only saved from the film's tongue in cheek. But even then they are fools.

The actors are fine but in reality they are just playing cowards. Rockwell is really good and Bill Murray saves the whole movie by being really funny. 

Tom Green is in it because his girlfriend felt sorry for him and wanted him to be in a movie that would be shown in a cinema outside the US, even though his character is stupid and vain. Wilson is good and LL Cool J makes a nice cameo, but Tim Curry is better.

Overall it's enjoyable if you're in the mood to eat silly popcorn garbage. If you're not in the mood, this will only serve to tease you about how bad Hollywood blockbusters can be.

It's easy enough to smile silly or be nit-picky as the $92 million big screen version of Charlie's Angels Movie. Looking back, its roots go back to a successful yet critically panned TV series in the '70s. 

Bring it here in our modern times, and you're sure to be a laughing stock. Joel Schumacher did in his 1997 mega-expensive bomb (if you call any movie that grosses over a hundred million dollars, it's a bomb) Batman & Robin, which everyone pretty much hated ( including yours truly). 

Now comes Charlie's Angels Movie, another big budget comedy action film lifted from some age that probably doesn't exist anymore (at least not on our generation). Its directors are former directors of MTV. 

And the script, forget it! How can they make a film like this? Or maybe a more interesting question would be, after watching this, how could I have liked it? Yes! Despite reminding myself that this was meant to be funny, I definitely liked Charlie's Angels Movie, silliness and all. 

You can understand all the idiocy and idiocy of the script, but there is someone here (among a surprisingly high number of others) who is happy to defend their idiocy. 

It's pure style-over-substance affair, and the style really won me over. The stunts are absolutely incredible, the story probably never left the 70's and the script, the entire script, injects enough camp to make this piece sit right up there with the original TV show (which I didn't know existed). 

But the best thing about it is that it was put on for laughs and a whole lot of fun. The whole piece never took itself too seriously, giving it plenty of mindless fun at every turn. 

Director McG (born Joseph McGinty Nicol) puts his stylish skills as an MTV director to good use. Every bit of it feels like an exciting playhouse of no-brainer genre-busting questions, and I mean that in the best of ways.

The film is a part of Mission: Impossible (and in one instance, after the Angels describe their plan to break into a room, as in the Mission: Impossible film, one of their superiors tells them "It's impossible". 

followed by an enthusiastic response from the crime-fighting Angels to "Sounds Like Fun"), another part John Woo action flick, one part pure 70's camp and one part it's all, and for good measure, in some Matrix Throwback-inspired slo-mo stunts. 

After starting with one of his first few outrageous stunt scenes, the story moves on to a new set of Angels, including the smart and uber-sexy Natalie (Cameron Diaz), the tough-cookie but ever-charming Dylan (Drew Barrymore) and the never-ending hotties are included. 

No-nonsense and no-low sex-appeal Alex (Lucy Liu), orders from the ever-unseen voice-in-a-speakerphone Charlie (voiced by John Foshythe, returning to his voice-acting role on the TV show) Takes Their new mission: retrieve voice-recognition software stolen from wealthy programmer Eric Knox (Sam Rockwell). 

He suspects it may be a rival company owner (Tim Curry), but the plot thickens.

I love the characters and the fun that flows well with a great soundtrack. You can't come away from Charlie's Angels Full Movie without a smile on your face, mostly because the bloopers at the end are fantastic and clearly show how much fun they all had making it.

As a gay man, Angel doesn't really do much for me, but I've never been more turned on by a woman than when Lucy Liu is in her power suit. "Cool Barracuda!" That scene is beautifully sexy and hilarious.

Crispin Glover however is so weird and is little more than a comic book villain in another, even more so. That's probably the only drawback to the movie other than Sam Rockwell.

I can't stand the man! Maybe Charlie's Angels Full Movie, upon its release, has been seen so many times and I have seen it for the first time, that's the reason? What is slimeball?

I can always get on without Tom Green.

The three leads though are superb and perfectly cast, with Bill Murray and Tim Curry giving their best in comedic supporting roles.

The action and fights are deftly and coolly choreographed and the jokes are written with a wit that is inoffensive and simple. 

There's a lot of innuendo and Crispin is awful, but otherwise you could easily watch it with a younger audience.

I'm not sure a two-year-old will understand the story, but they may appreciate the bright colors and calming songs, but 9-year-olds and up should enjoy it.

I'm sure there are many people who wanted to see a straight reboot/revival of 'Charlie's Angels Movie' (1976-82) like the original series, but as someone who has never seen them, I really can't wait to see Charlie's Angels Full Movie Appreciate the treatment of what it is.

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