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Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Paul SanchezPaul Sanchez...Ramon
Lari WhiteLari White...Bettina Peterson
Leonid CiterLeonid Citer...Fyodor
David Allen BrooksDavid Allen Brooks...Dick Peterson
Yelena PopovicYelena Popovic...Beautiful Russian Woman (as Yelena Papovic)
Valentina AnaninaValentina Ananina...Russian Babushka
Semion SudarikovSemion Sudarikov...Nicolai
Tom HanksTom Hanks...Chuck Noland
Peter Von BergPeter Von Berg...Yuri
Dmitri S. BoudrineDmitri S. Boudrine...Lev
François DuhamelFrançois Duhamel...French FedEx Loader
Michael ForestMichael Forest...Pilot Jack
Viveka DavisViveka Davis...Pilot Gwen
Nick SearcyNick Searcy...Stan
Jennifer ChoeJennifer Choe...Memphis State Student
Helen HuntHelen Hunt...Kelly Frears
Nan MartinNan Martin...Kelly's Mother
Anne BellamyAnne Bellamy...Anne Larson
Dennis LettsDennis Letts...Dennis Larson
Wendy WorthingtonWendy Worthington...Wendy Larson
Skye McKenzieSkye McKenzie...Skye Larson
Valerie WildmanValerie Wildman...Virginia Larson
John DuerlerJohn Duerler...John Larson
Steve MonroeSteve Monroe...Steve Larson
Ashley TrefgerAshley Trefger...Lindsey Larson
Lindsey TrefgerLindsey Trefger...Lindsey Larson
Alyssa GainerAlyssa Gainer...Katie Larson
Kaitlyn GainerKaitlyn Gainer...Katie Larson
Lauren GainerLauren Gainer...Katie Larson
Albert PuglieseAlbert Pugliese...Gregory Larson
Gregory PuglieseGregory Pugliese...Gregory Larson
Brandon ReinhardtBrandon Reinhardt...Matt Larson
Matthew ReinhardtMatthew Reinhardt...Matt Larson
Lisa LongLisa Long...Lisa Madden
Lauren BirkellLauren Birkell...Lauren Madden
Elden HensonElden Henson...Elden Madden
Timothy StackTimothy Stack...Morgan Stockton
Alice VaughnAlice Vaughn...Alice Stockton
Chase MacKenzie BebakChase MacKenzie Bebak...Chase Stockton (as Chase Bebak)
Gage BebakGage Bebak...Gage Stockton
Amanda CagneyAmanda Cagney...Amanda Stockton
Andrea CagneyAndrea Cagney...Amanda Stockton
Fred SemmerFred Semmer...Fred Stockton
Peter SemmerPeter Semmer...Fred Stockton
Joe ConleyJoe Conley...Joe Wally
Aaron RapkeAaron Rapke...Ralph Wally
Vince MartinVince Martin...Pilot Al (as Vin Martin)
Garret DavisGarret Davis...Pilot Blaine
Jay AcovoneJay Acovone...Pilot Peter
Christopher KriesaChristopher Kriesa...Pilot Kevin
Chris NothChris Noth...Jerry Lovett
Fred SmithFred Smith...Fred Smith
Michelle RobinsonMichelle Robinson...FedEx Anchor #1
Tommy CresswellTommy Cresswell...FedEx Anchor #2
Jenifer LewisJenifer Lewis...Becca Twig
Geoffrey BlakeGeoffrey Blake...Maynard Graham
Rich SicklerRich Sickler...FedEx Manager
Derick AlexanderDerick Alexander...Taxi Driver
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Pamela CranePamela Crane...Reporter (uncredited)
Brian CriderBrian Crider...FedEx Employee (uncredited)
Pamela Hallisey HissPamela Hallisey Hiss...FedEx Employee (uncredited)
Ted HollisTed Hollis...French FedEx Loader (uncredited)
Donnie MacMillanDonnie MacMillan...Wilson (uncredited)
Katelyn NicholsKatelyn Nichols...Young Girl (uncredited)
Peter Austin NotoPeter Austin Noto...Wilson's Friend (uncredited)
Egor PazenkoEgor Pazenko...Russian FedEx Worker (uncredited)
Mark S. PorroMark S. Porro...Navigator (uncredited)
Wilson the VolleyballWilson the Volleyball...Wilson the Volleyball (uncredited)

Cast Away Movie Trailer

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Cast Away Movie Description

In Cast Away Movie Robert Zemeckis has his 4th best film here (behind Forrest Gump, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Back to Cast Away Movie Future) with Cast Away. 

Sure it might be overhyped and some characters in Cast Away Movie aren't needed (not to mention it depends on the liking of the lead), but when you have Tom Hanks working harder than any actor in a Cast Away Cast Away Movie this year, it is worth it.

Cast Away Film story follows Hanks as a dedicated fed-ex deliverer who has a fiance (Helen Hunt) and has to leave her Christmas time to go to Asia, but alas, Cast Away Movie plane he's on crashes in the water and, dare I say more (well I can because practically everyone saw the all-revealing trailers)? Well, Hanks arrives on a deserted island and then the real fun begins as he survives in a primitive way (probably remenicent of 2001, Hanks' favorite film), and even finds a silent companion named Wilson (a volleyball). 

That Hanks can communicate with this volleyball, and almost make the ball as a real person with real feelings that is almost like Cast Away Film Silent Bob to his Jay, is one of the films triumphs. 

The others of course being Cast Away Film whole lot of him on the island and Hanks' performance. 

If it was someone else, it would not be as successful, but Hanks gives his all and (as usual) pulls through 5 fold delivering one of Cast Away Film years and his best performances. 

Quite the opposite. Admire both Robert Zemeckis and Tom Hanks, and honestly feel that 'Cast Away' is among Cast Away Film best work of both. 

It is long and the opposite of feel good, but utterly riveting, thanks to the bold risk-taking and Hanks giving a performance for Cast Away Film ages.

'Cast Away' has been criticised by some for having an unsatisfying ending. It is understandable as to why it is polarising, and why it is seen as inconclusive and depressing to some wanting something happy. 

Count me in as somebody who found the ending incredibly powerful and who cannot fail to tear up. 

Have been picky about endings recently and Cast Away Film inconclusive nature didn't bother me that much and actually appreciated that it was more downbeat rather than happy, who to me would have felt a little too on Cast Away Film pat side.

There are so many great things about 'Cast Away' that help make it quite a superb film. 

Zemeckis' direction is some of his boldest, there are some courageous risks taken like his use of camera work and done in an ingenious way and not overdone. 

Even better is Hanks' one for Cast Away Film ages almost one-man show performance, sometimes not saying much but expressing a lot in a nuanced way. 

He is instrumental in making the island and his resilience in struggling to survive riveting viewing and he does so phenomenally.

It is a very well made film too, beautifully and cleverly photographed, atmospherically lit and with a lovingly created island setting. 

They blend so well with the film's tone and with its boldness. The score avoids from being overwrought, while there is a beautifully constructed script that provokes a lot of thought and wide range of emotions. 

While deliberately paced, the story is an engrossing one, with a excellently harrowing plane crash and the very telling section on the island that to me didn't drag at all even with events being a little on the slight side. 

Plus there aren't many times when you feel so much for a volleyball, you do here.

While the other characters aren't as well written or as interesting as Hanks', it is not in a way to bring down Cast Away Film in any way. 

Helen Hunt makes a moving impression even with limited screen time, her meeting with Hanks one of the film's most powerful moments.

In conclusion, a powerful, bold and superbly acted, directed and made film that is moving without the audience being forced or manipulated into feeling so. 

I'll be honest, the first time I saw Cast Away Film, I wasn't too sure if I liked it. I mean, I certainly enjoyed it, but I just wasn't too sure of how I felt about Cast Away Full Movie as a whole. I must say that Cast Away Full Movie was MUCH better Cast Away Movie second time around. 

And just got better with each additional viewing. I am a huge Robert Zemeckis fan, so maybe my expectations were slightly skewed at first. But, all in all, I've watched the film enough times now that I can say "I love Cast Away Film!!!"

When I really stop and think about it, Cast Away Full Movie is brilliantly executed. The scenery is absolutely breath taking, the special effects are so well done that you don't even realize that there are special effects present. 

Cast Away Full Movie seems to be a trademark of Robert Zemeckis (case and point, "Forrest Gump"). Cast Away Full Movie acting is very good, although, there's only 2 real sources of acting in Cast Away Film, Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt. 

The rest of Cast Away Full Movie cast was good, but their roles were very minor. Tom Hanks pulls off another great performance, as usual. 

You really can feel all of his emotions while he's stuck on the island. Also, not many actors have changed their physical appearance like Tom Hanks did for Cast Away Film, I truly applaud him for his work.

Technology started getting bigger and better at the turn of the millennium. Cast Away Movie were starting to develop in a way that was never predicted, but so did the actors.

 After watching Robert Zemeckis' Forrest Gump 1994, I thought I had seen a true drama, but that was clearly only Cast Away Movie beginning.

Tom Hanks (Big, Forrest Gump) stars in his Oscar-nominated performance as Chuck Noland, a former Fed executive stranded on an isolated island after a thunderous plane crash.

While doing background research on Cast Away Movie, I was surprised to see that Russell Crowe beat Hanks for the Oscars in 2001. As good as Crow was in Gladiator, I personally thought Hanks made the most sensational performance of his career here.

 Hanks' character Noland is truly remarkable. From being a smooth and hardworking executive at home with his longtime girlfriend Kelly (Helen Hunt) to being aloof in a variety of situations. 

The character changes allow Hanks to express his full acting potential and dive deep within the character's soul. 

It's a true battle of human intelligence and human power that Hanks does so well to deliver and some of the scenes really got me, it's such a powerful role and good enough to rival his other Oscar wins.

The semiotics of the text are remarkably important. After leaving the wreckage of the plane with only a few supplies, Noland builds himself around whomever he can save and is none more recognizable than Wilson. 

A silent volleyball, which was encoded in Cast Away so that Hank could use dialogue to express his painful feelings.

The plot is made exciting through various scenes. The plane crash is very dramatic and beautifully directed by Zemeckis and the scenes shot on the island, when Hanks is alone and wandering what to do, are silent and quiet, justifying the drama style.

The denial of the beautiful island is characterized by harsh conditions, a fantastic incentive indeed.

The ending is also wonderful because it paves the way for many possibilities

In fact, from the moment humans began to travel the seas and oceans by land, there are stories of people's shipwrecks and homelessness. 

Sometimes it is small groups of people on an uninhabited island, other times there are natives on the island and in some cases, it is a single individual. 

Various and more extended versions of Cast Away Movie story appeared in science fiction when interplanetary travel became plausible. The recent hit Cast Away Movie "The Martian" is the most famous example of a single person. 

Cast Away Movie Cast Away Movie is one where a lonely man somehow manages to survive a disastrous plane crash and wash up on the beach of a deserted tropical island. Tom Hanks stars as Chuck Nolan, an engineer at FedEx, a tough-driving, yet somewhat personable person. 

He is flying as a passenger in a company cargo jet when he is confronted by a violent storm and an on-board explosion of some sort. Once on the island, Nolan needs to meet his basic needs of food, water and shelter immediately. 

He struggles without any modern equipment to put out fires, open coconuts and other basic tasks. Fortunately, some of the plane's packages get washed up on the beach and they find some useful items in them. 

Four years later, he learns that if he does not leave the island, he will die there and be largely forgotten. 

The film is almost all Tom Hanks and he does a wonderful job of playing the increasingly eccentric exile in a strange form of solitary confinement. To keep himself sane, he must go a little crazy, inventing a semi-imaginary partner to talk to. 

It is a worthy addition to the story of how human beings can adapt to the most difficult situations and without hope of any help.

In 1985, director Rob Zemeckis made perhaps the most genre-variety film ever with Back to the Future. 

Fifteen years later, he came close to replicating that extraordinary feat with Cast Away, an incredibly diverse film in its own right.

As for the basic plot synopsis, Cast Away tells the story of Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks), a FedEx worker who sails over the Pacific in an airplane, washes a deserted island, and finds himself in harsh terrain and conditions. should be defended.

Cast Away Movie key to Cast Away Movie is its ability to combine genres like action, adventure, disaster, comedy and drama and most importantly combine all of these together to work on the big screen. 

All the pieces go well together, with exciting, always-on (I never understand why some people consider it "slow") plot and character development.

However, what really makes Cast Away Full Movie a classic is that it has a human interest at heart. 

Chuck's mental and physical struggles take center stage here, and Hanks' acting is as impeccable as ever (he can play anything!) It says a lot that, within 90 minutes, you'll be in a man's relationship with volleyball. can express feelings for

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