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Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Kirsten DunstKirsten Dunst...Torrance Shipman
Eliza DushkuEliza Dushku...Missy Pantone
Jesse BradfordJesse Bradford...Cliff Pantone
Gabrielle UnionGabrielle Union...Isis
Clare KramerClare Kramer...Courtney
Nicole BilderbackNicole Bilderback...Whitney
Tsianina JoelsonTsianina Joelson...Darcy
Rini BellRini Bell...Kasey
Nathan WestNathan West...Jan
Huntley RitterHuntley Ritter...Les
Shamari DeVoeShamari DeVoe...Lava (as Shamari Fears)
Natina ReedNatina Reed...Jenelope
Brandi WilliamsBrandi Williams...Lafred
Richard HillmanRichard Hillman...Aaron
Lindsay SloaneLindsay Sloane...Big Red
Bianca KajlichBianca Kajlich...Carver
Holmes OsborneHolmes Osborne...Bruce Shipman
Sherry HurseySherry Hursey...Christine Shipman
Cody McMainsCody McMains...Justin Shipman
Ian RobertsIan Roberts...Sparky Polastri
David E. TaylorDavid E. Taylor...Toros Tight End (as David Edwards)
Ashley HowardAshley Howard...Toros Quarterback
Nikole Lee AmateauNikole Lee Amateau...New Pope Cheerleader #1
Clementine FordClementine Ford...New Pope Cheerleader #2
Grant ThompsonGrant Thompson...Costa Mesa Quarterback
Leonard CliftonLeonard Clifton...Costa Mesa Linebacker
Marie ColeMarie Cole...Argumentative Girl (as Marie Wise)
Dru MouserDru Mouser...Been-Crying-For-Hours Girl
Tracy PachecoTracy Pacheco...Rappin' White Girl
Alicia Michelle SassanoAlicia Michelle Sassano...Be Aggressive Girl
Natasha Soll HawksworthNatasha Soll Hawksworth...Start-Over Girl (as Natasha Soll)
Ryan DrummondRyan Drummond...Theatre Boy
Paullin WolfePaullin Wolfe...Tiny Tot Cheerleader
David E. WillisDavid E. Willis...Emcee #1
Beth LaMureBeth LaMure...Emcee #2
Anne FletcherAnne Fletcher...Event Coordinator
Doug WaldoDoug Waldo...UCA Official
Annie HintonAnnie Hinton...High-Strung Mom
Louise GallagherLouise Gallagher...Class Monitor
Edmond ClayEdmond Clay...Football Announcer
Daniella KuhnDaniella Kuhn...T.V. Reporter
Aloma WrightAloma Wright...Pauletta
Paul BloomPaul Bloom...T.V. Commentator
Melanie AtmadjaMelanie Atmadja...Jamie
Peyton ReedPeyton Reed...Mime (as Silencio Por Favor)
Jodi HarrisJodi Harris...Cheer Coach
Nectar RoseNectar Rose...Nervous Cheerleader
Hilary AngeloHilary Angelo...Toothless Cheerleader (as Hilary Salvatore)
Elizabeth JohnsonElizabeth Johnson...Confident Cheerleader
Riley SmithRiley Smith...Guy Cheerleader
Carla MackaufCarla Mackauf...Aaron's Lover
Anna Lisa MendiolaAnna Lisa Mendiola...Clover Cheerleader
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Greg BenoitGreg Benoit...High School Student (uncredited)
Adam DanielAdam Daniel...Student (uncredited)
Conor Dean SmithConor Dean Smith...Billy Canton (uncredited)
Alex FergusonAlex Ferguson...Photographer (uncredited)
Zoe GalvezZoe Galvez...Band Singer (uncredited)
Ruby GonzalezRuby Gonzalez...Student (uncredited)
Lisel M. GorellLisel M. Gorell...New Pope Cheerleader (uncredited)
Brandon HenschelBrandon Henschel...Ballet Boy (uncredited)
James HuffmanJames Huffman...Student (uncredited)
Kenyetta LethridgeKenyetta Lethridge...Clover Cheerleader (uncredited)
Rob MarroccoRob Marrocco...New Pope Cheerleader (uncredited)
Michael McCaffertyMichael McCafferty...Pervy Earth Science Teacher (uncredited)
Chelsea MurphyChelsea Murphy...Student (uncredited)
Justin RuseJustin Ruse...Cheerleader (uncredited)
Simon SheltonSimon Shelton...Art Student (uncredited)
Jason VentetuoloJason Ventetuolo...Finals Judge (uncredited)

Bring It On Movie Trailer

Bring It On - Trailer

Bring It On Movie Description

Bring It On (2000) is an underrated teen cheerleading film with Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku. This is my favorite high school teen comedy and I honestly don't care what anyone says about this movie. 

A champion high school cheerleading squad learns that its previous captain stole all of their best routines from an inner-city school and must struggle to compete in this year's championships. i like this movie. 

Torrance Shipman (Kirsten Dunst) My favorite actress of all time Kirsten Dunst was my most memorable and favorite character. 

I went through high school to watch this movie. I love sports comedy movies, like Major League (1989) and I love this team sports comedy movie. 

It was followed by four direct-to-video sequels, none of which feature any members of the original cast. Bring It On is the original true, best in film series, cheerleading comedy.

I love this movie and always will, it is my favorite movie of all time. At least it's better than today's teen comedies. 

Jessica Bendering wanted to mix cheerleading and hip-hop, two flavors that go so well together, into something it's like peanut butter and chocolate, which she did. The choreography was beautiful, the dance moves were great and amazing.

Long before "Pitch Perfect" became a hit franchise and every group of women became our #squadgoals, there were Toros and Clovers. 

Fifteen years ago this month, Universal released "Bring It On" in theaters, a low-budget, high-school comedy about rival cheerleading teams that spawned four spin-off films, a stage musical, and a film by The Barden Bellas. 

helped pave the way for McKinley Glee Club and many others. The film's plot focuses on Torrance Shipman (Kirsten Dunst), who receives the position of captain on her high school's cheerleading squad and attempts to lead her team to her sixth national title. 

However, Torrance is informed by the newest member of the team, Missy Pantone (Eliza Dushku), that she is in possession of a stolen routine. When the promoters of the act decide to win, Torrance and his squad must go to varying lengths to create an original performance.

The Toro cheerleading squad has passion, courage, sass and a killer routine that is sure to bring them the national championship trophy for the sixth year in a row. 

But for newly-elected team captain, Torrance (Kirsten Dunst), Toro's path to happy glory falters when she learns that their perfectly choreographed routine from a hot hip-hop squad across town was stolen Now the squad will have to struggle to find a new routine to compete in this year's competition.

I love this movie and I'm not saying that as a blonde or a cheerleader! No offense :/ This is the best Bring It On movie of them all. 

Kirsten Dunst in A Wonderful Actress. This movie is funny, cute, and original bring it on!

At Rancho Carne High School, cheerleading is everything for student Torrance (Kirsten Dunst), who continues the aggressive pursuit of supremacy begun by graduating member, Big Red (Lindsey Sloan), as head cheerleader of the Toros school squad. Ready to enroll. 

When a new cheerleader is needed to help fill a gap caused by an accident, the squad welcomes Missy (Eliza Dushku) to the squad, though the new student isn't sure her eccentric ways are a good fit, while her brother, Cliff (Jesse Bradford), welcomes the assimilation attracted to Torrance and his tireless spirit. 

When she learns that the routines set up by Big Red are actually stolen from the East Compton Clovers led by Icy Isis (Gabrielle Union), Torrance loses confidence, has broken torsos and needs support from outside influences because She tries to rebuild what was lost.

Director Peyton Reed and screenwriter Jessica Bendinger (who tried to reheat their formula for 2006's "Stick It") favor bigotry when it comes to the antics involved in "Bring It On." 

Invoking the dazzling cheerleading spirit, the production turns the trophy hunt into a cartoon, complete with aggressive close-ups and screamed line readings, while writing finger-snap timing and its own vocabulary interested in developing (e.g. Torrance demands that the Toros always be on the move in terms of characterization and plotting (a mid-movie affair with the Toros) and an obsession with "soul fingers" A professional choreographer is amusing).

The rating I am giving is 10/10 for an entertaining sports film. The film is not perfect, it has flaws. The Toros cheerleading squad should have won at the end of the movie and they didn't. 

That move hurt the film. Not all cheerleading squad teams in all sequels win in this film.

"Cheerleaders are dancers who have gone retarded," says Sparky, the modern dance-influenced choreographer who from $2000 dollars a pop teaches cheerleaders the mysteries of Fosse-inflected "happy fingers." 

Bring It On, which was a surprise hit in the fall of 2000, clearly believes that cheerleaders are far more than hoofers gone to seed. 

Despite the frequent jokes at their expense in the film, Bring It On shows cheerleaders are spirited, athletic, graceful, and most importantly, relevant to the 21st Century. 

Colorfully shot, attractively cast, and snappily written, Bring It On is hardly a great movie, but it's perfectly appealing for most people and I'd guess that the millions of cheerleaders and former cheerleaders nationwide will get a lot more out of it.

The plot is simple. It's like Rocky. Or Varsity Blues. Or any other sports movie you've ever seen. 

New captain of the five time national cheerleading champions Toros, Torrance (Kirsten Dunst) is shocked when the new girl on the squad (Eliza Dushka), a gymnast, tells her that all of the routines that made the squad famous were stolen from an inner city school in East Compton, two hours up the coast. 

Determined to prove that they can do it themselves, the Toros go through a fairly short journey to self-empowerment. There's a pounding bass line, lots of teens in short skirts, some fun flipping, and a lesson about being true to yourself and believing in others.

The film also takes on any number of myths about cheerleaders. Are male cheerleaders all gay, or do they just like grabbing girls' rears? The answer, of course is a little from column A and a little from Column B. Are cheerleaders all airheads? Well, the issue of whether or not these girls go to class is done away with in two minutes at the beginning of the film. 

From that point on, education, books, and homework are never mentioned. Any occasional signs of intelligence are held up to ridicule, though these "sweater puppets" are all quick with a witty retort, so they must have something going on upstairs. And finally, is cheerleading a sport? Well, this film comes out firmly on the side of yes.

For all of its verve, Jessica Bendinger's script is too reductive for the movie to be taken very seriously. The white girls are obviously upper scale and spoiled. 

Naturally the white girls don't have any sass at first and naturally they borrow it from their African-American neighbors. The black girls are supposed to be poor. Not that that's really depicted in this day-glo colored world.

In fact, through the wonders of Hollywood Central casting, the squad from East Compton actually looked even more racially homogenous than the "Buffys" from San Diego. This is an inner city high school that has a cheerleading squad featuring a dozen girls with identical light complexions and straight hair. 

The racial assumptions at work here would be offensive if the movie placed any premium on reality. Instead, as directed by Peyton Reed, everything is colorful, glossy, and easy on the eyes. 

The intricate cheerleading routines are mostly shot from strange angles or awkward close-ups to make it impossible to tell if the cast is actually doing any of the cheering stunts at all.

When Kirsten Dunst makes good small movies (see The Virgin Suicides or Dick), nobody goes to them. 

So I suppose it's fitting that this movie was a smash. She's always an entertaining screen presence and for now she's still young enough that it isn't ridiculous for her to keep playing high school characters. 

How her career progresses as she matures remains to be seen. The rest of the cast seems like they were picked from the set of a WB series. 

Now since I kind of like a number of WB series, I don't mean this as an insult in any way. The Warner Brothers network has proven a good training ground for attractive young women to read catchy dialogue and everybody in Bring It On seems very skilled with the zingers. 

And as the aforementioned Sparky the choreographer, Ian Roberts is just hilarious and his scene is easily the funniest part of the movie.

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