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Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Giovanni RibisiGiovanni Ribisi...Seth Davis
Vin DieselVin Diesel...Chris Varick
Nia LongNia Long...Abbie Halpert
Nicky KattNicky Katt...Greg Weinstein
Scott CaanScott Caan...Richie O'Flaherty
Ron RifkinRon Rifkin...Judge Marty Davis
Jamie KennedyJamie Kennedy...Adam
Taylor NicholsTaylor Nichols...Harry Reynard
Bill SageBill Sage...FBI Agent David Drew
Tom Everett ScottTom Everett Scott...Michael Brantley
Ben AffleckBen Affleck...Jim Young
John GriesemerJohn Griesemer...Concierge
David YoungerDavid Younger...Marc
Herbert RussellHerbert Russell...Kid (as Russell Harper)
Mark WebberMark Webber...Kid
Christopher FitzgeraldChristopher Fitzgerald...Kid
Donna MitchellDonna Mitchell...Mrs. Davis
André VippolisAndré Vippolis...Neil Davis
Jon AbrahamsJon Abrahams...Jeff
Will McCormackWill McCormack...Mike the Casino Patron
Jared RyanJared Ryan...Casino Steve
Anson MountAnson Mount...Broker
Kirk AcevedoKirk Acevedo...Broker
Seth UllianSeth Ullian...Broker
Eddie MalavarcaEddie Malavarca...Broker
Carlo VogelCarlo Vogel...Rude Kid
Matthew SaldivarMatthew Saldivar...Series Seven Kid (as Matthew Saldívar)
Serge SkliarenkoSerge Skliarenko...Croatian Broker
Lisa GersteinLisa Gerstein...Sheryl
Ross RymanRoss Ryman...Isaac
Marjorie JohnsonMarjorie Johnson...Abbie's Mother
Peter RiniPeter Rini...JP Morgan Broker
Raymond PirkleRaymond Pirkle...JP Morgan Broker
Joe PretlowJoe Pretlow...JP Morgan Broker
Peter MaloneyPeter Maloney...Dr. Jacobs
Lori YoffeLori Yoffe...Secretary
Alex WebbAlex Webb...FBI Director
Gillian SaccoGillian Sacco...Waitress at Mickey's
Donald John HewittDonald John Hewitt...Local (as Don J. Hewitt)
Mark Moshe BellowsMark Moshe Bellows...John Feiner
Daniel SauliDaniel Sauli...Broker Steve (as Daniel Serafini-Sauli)
Lucinda ClareLucinda Clare...Trendy Hostess (as Lucinda Faraldo)
Neal LernerNeal Lerner...Gay Restaurant Patron
Taylor PattersonTaylor Patterson...Sara Reynard
Michael McCarthyMichael McCarthy...Max Reynard
Marsha DietleinMarsha Dietlein...Susan Reynard
Joseph TudiscoJoseph Tudisco...Janitor
Judy Del GiudiceJudy Del Giudice...Office Woman
Siobhan Fallon HoganSiobhan Fallon Hogan...Michelle, Harry's Supervisor (as Siobhan Fallon)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Frank AnelloFrank Anello...Stockbroker (uncredited)
Delancey BirzinDelancey Birzin...Broker (uncredited)
Angelo BonsignoreAngelo Bonsignore...JP Marlin Trainee (uncredited)
Robert BorisRobert Boris...JP Marlin Trainee (uncredited)
Jonny FidoJonny Fido...JP Marlin Trainee (uncredited)
Robert FrannicolaRobert Frannicola...Abrams (uncredited)
Sholom GeltSholom Gelt...Broker (uncredited)
Desmond HarringtonDesmond Harrington...JP Marlin Trainee (uncredited)
Daniel RetonDaniel Reton...Broker (uncredited)
Stephen ScibettaStephen Scibetta...JP Marlin Senior Broker (uncredited)
Simon SheltonSimon Shelton...Salesboy (uncredited)
Spero StamboulisSpero Stamboulis...Todd (uncredited)
Mike StruckMike Struck...Trainee (uncredited)
Ben Van BergenBen Van Bergen...Agent Etkins (uncredited)

Boiler Room Movie Trailer

Boiler Room Film (2000) Official Trailer #1 - Vin Diesel Movie HD

Boiler Room Movie Description

In Boiler Room Movie the old days those where Giovanni Ribisi went to work were euphemistically called 'bucket shops' and the practice of holding onto the profits and never actually getting paid, except in select instances, was called 'bucketing'. 

Regulations enacted during the New Deal curbed them somewhat, but deregulation during the Reagan years put such operations back in business. That and telemarketing did the rest.

Our protagonist in this Boiler Room film is Giovanni Ribisi, a kid I can somewhat identify with, who can't seem to please his stern father, Ron Rifkin, who also happens to be a federal judge. 

He wants to get Ribisi into traditional professions such as law or medicine, but Ribisi is a child of his era and is looking for a quick buck. 

that he obtains from his current endeavor which is running a small casino out of his apartment. Though Illegal Ribisi plays it off faithfully, that fact doesn't matter to Rifkin.

One of his regular patrons, Nicky Katt, is interested in letting him work at his brokerage house, which is not located in the heart of Wall Street, but on Long Island.

Gordon Gekko would be proud of this herd trained by Ben Affleck, who won the Gekko cult following from Wall Street of 'greed is good'. 

But this crowd could never come to the front door of Michael Douglas, remember the hard time Charlie Sheen had in Wall Street. 

You've got your list of prospects, aka suckers, and you get on the phone and sell, sell, sell, but only what you want to sell in a given period of time. The activity drives the price up and then it moves lower, but not before the broker exits. On Wall Street, this is called a 'kiting' stock.

Michael Douglas's Gordon Gekko takes us into the rarefied world of big-time Wall Street corruption. 

These guys are the minor leagues of the same game. Ribisi soon learned that he was living more respectably as a casino entrepreneur. 

But he couldn't get out mainly because dad seems to have changed his attitude a bit. And Rifkin's respect is all he wants.

Boiler Room Movie works best during the scenes with Rifkin and Ribisi, their up-and-down relationship being the key to the entire Boiler Room film. 

Other performances to watch are Nia Long as the secretary raking in $80,000.00 a year because of her insider information, Vin Diesel as a happy-go-lucky hedonistic Buckeye, and Nikki Catt as a more intense variety of the same breed.

The one that really needs attention is Ben Affleck. It's a small part, but Affleck does wonders with it. Now this is a guy who could actually make it to Gekko's world and not be bothered that Charlie Sheen crashed it or have a pang of conscience when he finds out what it was all about. 

Affleck should have won an Oscar in the supporting actor category.

Sadly the entire Boiler Room film has been overlooked, don't miss watching it if it ever airs.

This is a great  movie, every second of Boiler Room Full Movie is worth 9/10. I'll start with the flaws in the Boiler Room film. First of all, the main character is very weak, I'm not sure if it's bad writing or bad acting, but he comes across as an idiot instead of the deep, flawed, entrepreneur the Boiler Room movie wanted to portray. 

Secondly, even in the year 2,000 floppy disks were an old technology, without going too far there is a scenario where an entire company's data is copied to a single floppy disk. 

The Boiler Room movie includes a lot of central characters and doesn't provide any back-stories for any of them, it wouldn't be such a big problem if the central character wasn't so weak but by the end you feel like you didn't know a single character Haven't seen it develop or even begin to understand any of the characters, but you've just seen a good Boiler Room movie.

Praise: This Boiler Room movie is amazing. The Boiler Room film really captures the desires of the society and gives them a face. 

The characters really personify the shallow two-face you encounter every day where they are happy and pleasant until something happens that could remotely hurt their cash flow. 

Every person you've ever met is out to make a quick buck in this Boiler Room movie, the consumerism and lack of social conscience that constantly plagues society. 

It also approaches the subject of stock trading from a more accessible angle, they don't put much effort into adding the right industry terms or showing visuals of the NY Stock Exchange - they show stock trading results, a lack of understanding to the average consumer and you. 

Gives a better understanding of where the money comes from. If you're anything like me, this Boiler Room movie takes you on a journey where you're the main character every step of the way, until at the end you come back to life with a deeper understanding of the desires that People die in modern society. 

The Boiler Room film includes very young performances by a lot of famous actors, Ben Affleck, Vin Diesel etc.

Before you decide whether or not to watch "Boiler Room Film," you need to decide if you're willing to watch a Boiler Room movie get dropped the F-bomb 323420854 times. It's a great movie...but if you're sick of cursing, look elsewhere.

The story is about Seth, a young man with very little conscience. Instead of toiling in the usual and expected way, Seth seeks to cut corners. So when his friends leave for college, he skips classes and opens a casino in his house... 

and makes a lot of money. However, Seth's stern father is naturally disappointed in him... and makes it clear. 

Wanting to make something of his own and impress his father, Seth goes to work for a trading company. 

But this is not really a Wall Street kind of firm but instead their attitude is to say and do anything to make a sale...anything. 

They're clearly a lousy outfit, but what a lousy outfit Seth has to find for himself... and even Seth is a little taken aback by it...but he likes all the money!

The Boiler Room movie is rough and tumble-- and that's fitting for the 20-somethings who star in the Boiler Room film. Overall, they are people without soul and driven by greed and self-indulgence. 

The whole Boiler Room movie is a lot like "Glengarry Glen Ross" and "Wall Street" merged into one...and aimed at a slightly younger audience. Well made and hard to watch without being impressed. 

However, I am very surprised that even after writing and directing such a great Boiler Room film, Ben Younger is still mostly making short films and his feature career hasn't taken off. I'd certainly love to know why.

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