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Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Jamie BellJamie Bell...Billy
Jean HeywoodJean Heywood...Grandma
Jamie DravenJamie Draven...Tony
Gary LewisGary Lewis...Dad
Stuart WellsStuart Wells...Michael
Mike ElliotMike Elliot...George Watson
Billy FaneBilly Fane...Mr Braithwaite
Nicola BlackwellNicola Blackwell...Debbie
Julie WaltersJulie Walters...Mrs. Wilkinson
Carol McGuiganCarol McGuigan...Librarian
Joe RentonJoe Renton...Gary Poulson
Colin MacLachlanColin MacLachlan...Mr. Wilkinson (as Colin Maclachlan)
Janine BirkettJanine Birkett...Billy's Mum
Trevor FoxTrevor Fox...PC Jeff Peverly
Charlie HardwickCharlie Hardwick...Sheila Briggs
Denny FergusonDenny Ferguson...Miner
Dennis LingardDennis Lingard...NCB Official
Matthew James ThomasMatthew James Thomas...Simon (as Matthew Thomas)
Stephen ManganStephen Mangan...Ballet Doctor (as Steve Mangan)
Paul RidleyPaul Ridley...Tutor in medical
Patrick MalahidePatrick Malahide...Principal
Barbara Leigh-HuntBarbara Leigh-Hunt...Vice-Principal
Imogen ClaireImogen Claire...Tutor 1
Diana KentDiana Kent...Tutor 2
Neil NorthNeil North...Tutor 3
Lee WilliamsLee Williams...Tutor 4
Petra SiniawskiPetra Siniawski...Teacher
Merelina KendallMerelina Kendall...Secretary
Zoë BellZoë Bell...Sandra
Tracey WilkinsonTracey Wilkinson...Geography Teacher
Merryn OwenMerryn Owen...Michael (aged 25)
Adam CooperAdam Cooper...Billy (aged 25)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Dylan BarnesDylan Barnes...PC White (uncredited)
Liam ElcoatLiam Elcoat...Young boy (uncredited)
Adam GalbraithAdam Galbraith...Dancer in 'Swan Lake' (uncredited)
Darren JacobsDarren Jacobs...Dancer in 'Swan Lake' (uncredited)
Hendrick JanuaryHendrick January...Dancer in 'Swan Lake' (uncredited)
Sharon PercySharon Percy...Jenny Poulson (uncredited)
Ken RichardsonKen Richardson...Police Officer (uncredited)
Leonard SilverLeonard Silver...Dancer (uncredited)
Lee SmikleLee Smikle...Dancer in 'Swan Lake' (uncredited)
Catherine TurgooseCatherine Turgoose...Teenage Party Guest (uncredited)
Damian Winter-HigginsDamian Winter-Higgins...Dancer in 'Swan Lake' (uncredited)

Billy Elliot Movie Trailer

Billy Elliot Film The Musical Live Official Trailer (2014) - Broadway Musical Movie HD

Billy Elliot Movie Description

In Billy Elliot Movie is a moving, uplifting and often spirited drama about a motherless young Billy (Jamie Bell) who sets his sights on becoming a ballet dancer in the process of overcoming the objections and prejudices of his father and brother (Gary Lewis and Jamie Draven). Fulfills dreams. ,

It is also a piece of magical realism, with political overtones. By setting their almost fairy tale in the context of a close-knit mining community, and especially against the backdrop of the 1984/5 miners' strike – a defining moment in modern British economic and social history – writer Lee Hall and director Stephen Daldry build on their are able to reference issues of gender and class, without turning the work into political territory, and without losing focus on the central human drama.

The film is made almost flawlessly. Bell achieves a convincing mix of adolescent awe and defiance; If her dancing isn't as good as we might have hoped, the plot brushes it off by saying that her attitude and drive are more important than her technique at this early stage. 

The dancing set pieces, clearly inspired more by Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly than by Nijinsky, are primarily performed by T-Rex with gusto for pop songs.

Lewis and Draven infuse gritty realism and passion into their roles of a father and son committed to their community and the miners' cause. 

They make us feel their despair as they realize that the cause is lost; But also their endurance as they come to terms with both Billy's aspirations and their own uncertain future – within a few years most of the UK's coal mines will close. 

(The colliery at Easington, the real-life location of the film, closed in 1994.) The scenes of violence between strikers and police are presented without compromise and authentically, but occasionally with touches of humour.

Julie Walters delivers an outstanding performance as Mrs. Wilkinson, the dance teacher who discovers and fosters Billy's talents; and helps him to resist the inhibitions of himself and his family. 

She's perfect as the chain-smoking, straight-talking mentor who has her own personal frustrations and hurts, which she hopes Billy's success will help heal. To us outsiders watching the film, Mrs. Wilkinson appears as an integral part of the local community; But it is made clear that in his mid-80s, as far as Billy's family and friends are concerned, he is a middle-class outsider, almost as alien as any other species.

One issue the film tackles directly is the traditional heterosexual male disdain for homosexuality. This attitude clearly underlines the shock of Billy's father and brother when they learn that he has an interest in ballet. 

They would be even more horrified if they learned that their best friend was discovering homosexual tendencies in herself. It's typical of the sensitive direction that the film effortlessly follows from its close, hinting that attitudes towards homosexuals changed radically during the 1980s and '90s, along with the industrial landscape.

After re-watching Billy Elliot Movie recently, I stick my chest out and proudly say that Billy Elliot Film touches me on so many levels that my emotions spread throughout the shop. 

For a film that looks like a coming of age drama, it's impressive that the film never goes down the alleyway known as the ill-fated Boulevard.

Set against the grim backdrop of the English coal miners' strikes, the film tackles many themes, class struggle, homophobic fears, youthful courage in pursuit of possible adulthood, and the universal joy that music and dance can bring to us all, even Presents to the world as well. 

The best of circumstances. There are so many great scenes here that are both happy and sad, Billy's father feels he has to break the strike to give Billy a chance at life, this leads to a heartwarming scene between him and his eldest son I cry shamelessly at the realism of it all, the dancing is simply amazing, too many great scenes to choose from just one, the film is an effortless classic that ticks every box I personally need in such is required from the film.

The cast is superb, with Jamie Bell perfectly nailing the lead role of Billy, combining confusion, joy, fear, hope and sorrow in an almighty performance. 

Julie Walters is up to her usual standard of greatness, while Gary Lewis isn't tremendous as the father, all they can do is take a bow to make such a wonderful film. 

The soundtrack is musical gold, you can never have enough T-Rex in your life, and I ask, has there ever been a more appropriate use of music than The James-Town Called Malice? Featuring Paul Weller's up tempo beat over its sombre lyrics, the song is about a town beset by unemployment, a spectacular visual accompanying the song as Billy vents his frustrations on the street; "You either cut down on beer or the kids' new gear, it's a big decision in a town called Malice".

I've been looking for Billy Elliot Film for over two years. I heard it was supposed to be a very good or excellent film and another reason to see it was because I've seen several working title films before (About a Boy, Notting Hill, Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral) and I All found they are far more honest and passionate than the average Hollywood products. 

Plus, these British films have something you can rarely find in Hollywood movies: a charmingly heartwarming mix of sweet and funny comedy and inspiring and heart-wrenching drama. 

Last month, finally, I got the tapes. From the very first moments of the film, my eyes were glued to the screen and when the film got over, emotions and feelings started pouring in. 

Billy Elliot Film is a fantastic movie in my opinion, easily one of the best movies of the year and most likely of the current decade.

The film's director Stephen Daldry brings us an extraordinary, truly inspirational and moving, emotional and touching film. 

The whole story and all the characters are completely believable and the atmosphere of a small provincial town somewhere in North-East England is skillfully captured and conveyed to us. 

Sometimes the movie is sad, sometimes it's funny but Stephen Daldry's work never leaves you indifferent. 

The story takes place in 1984 in a small coal-mining town and there are signs of a severe depression throughout the town. You can see the shadow of distress and even poverty all around. 

Some simple yet incredibly powerful scenes bring to us a sad feeling of hopelessness and even despair. 

There is a major coal mine workers strike in the town but it is easy to see that it is also a hopeless strike. 

But all this is only a masterfully constructed background for the main story of the title character, a twelve-year-old boy. He recently lost his mother and both his father and elder brother are striking coal miners. 

Billy is forced to attend boxing classes by his father and one day accidentally he sees girl ballet classes happening in the same room and finds ballet more interesting than the stupid boxing. 

So he attends those ballet classes instead of boxing and it is no surprise that after a few weeks his father suddenly finds out that Billy didn't join boxing and worst of all, he is missing out on ballet classes. is participating. There is a main conflict.

Billy must fight for his choices, fighting against his own family. There are two stereotypes against him. 

First, that ballet is for girls, not boys (boys do football...or boxing...or wrestling). And the second sounds even worse: All male ballet dancers are gay. Billy isn't, but no one in his family wants to hear about ballet except for his aging grandmother. 

The only two people in town who support him are middle-aged ballet teacher Mrs. Wilkinson and her friend Michael, who is Billy's age and who has discovered that he is possibly a homosexual. 

This gay subplot easily became a very controversial question for conservative audiences. 

But the fact is that such stereotype is not invented by the director of the film and if you try to know more about this awesome picture then you will find that Jamie Bell who took dance lessons from the age of six Similar ridicule and taunts had to be faced. 

Billy's problem is that he must fight not only against evil odds and misconceptions but also against strong social stereotypes. The numerous spectacular scenes and bright humor place great emphasis on the main protagonist's struggles.

Jamie Bell, who plays Billy, has by far the best performance among the young actors. His performances (and especially the dance scenes) are so genuine, bright and sincere that all the while we can easily feel the expression of a young boy, not a director, choreographer or writer. 

The BAFTA Award for Best Actor of the Year is well deserved and it is a pity that even Academy conservatism often becomes an insurmountable obstacle for many great films. 

Julie Walters (an Academy nomination for Best Supporting Actress) also did a great job as Billy's ballet teacher, a talented woman forced to teach in the small provincial town for little pay. Compelled to. 

The chemistry between teacher and student is another great line from Billy Elliot Movie. Two other important supporting characters, Billy's father and older brother Tony, are also excellent and their development is shown well under Stephen Daldry's direction. 

The beautiful soundtrack is a perfect combination of a classic (including a nice reference to The Great Swan Lake) and modern music.

Don't let the original "R" rating mislead you. This should easily be PG-13 except for the strong language. 

But this is a very rare case where some strong language and profanity is necessary for authenticity and understanding of the characters. The film is suitable for teenagers and it is definitely capable of imparting some good lessons to them.

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