Big Momma's House Movie | Big Momma's House Full Movie | 2000


Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Martin LawrenceMartin Lawrence...Malcolm Turner
Nia LongNia Long...Sherry Pierce
Paul GiamattiPaul Giamatti...John
Jascha WashingtonJascha Washington...Trent Pierce
Terrence HowardTerrence Howard...Lester Vesco (as Terrence Dashon Howard)
Anthony AndersonAnthony Anderson...Nolan
Ella MitchellElla Mitchell...Hattie Mae Pierce (Big Momma)
Carl WrightCarl Wright...Ben Rawley
Phyllis ApplegatePhyllis Applegate...Sadie
Starletta DuPoisStarletta DuPois...Miss Patterson
Jessie Mae HolmesJessie Mae Holmes...Miss Other Patterson
Nicole PrescottNicole Prescott...Lena
Octavia SpencerOctavia Spencer...Twila (as Octavia L. Spencer)
Tichina ArnoldTichina Arnold...Ritha
Cedric the EntertainerCedric the Entertainer...Reverend
Philip TanPhilip Tan...Kang
Edwin HodgeEdwin Hodge...Basketball Teen #1
Aldis HodgeAldis Hodge...Basketball Teen #2
Brian PalermoBrian Palermo...Cazwell
Brian Paul StuartBrian Paul Stuart...Prison Doctor
Sarah ZinsserSarah Zinsser...Receptionist
Sean LampkinSean Lampkin...Cab Driver
Tony McEwingTony McEwing...Anchorperson
Sean ThibodeauSean Thibodeau...Jud
Ramsey LukeRamsey Luke...FBI Agent
Rosi RosiRosi Rosi...Nolan's Volunteer
Minnie O. BurtonMinnie O. Burton...Nolan's Volunteer
Rita Fagan-LewisRita Fagan-Lewis...Nolan's Volunteer
John EddingsJohn Eddings...Police Officer
Louis Archie ShacklesLouis Archie Shackles...Choir #1
Tameka HolmesTameka Holmes...Choir #2
Ellis HallEllis Hall...Organist
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Arnold ChonArnold Chon...Kang's Bodyguard (uncredited)
Debby GaudetDebby Gaudet...Bingo Staffer (uncredited)
Phil HawnPhil Hawn...Mailman (uncredited)
Jay SoJay So...High Roller (uncredited)
Warren TabataWarren Tabata...FBI Agent (uncredited)
J.T. ThibodeauJ.T. Thibodeau...Bank Robber (uncredited) 

Big Momma's House Movie Trailer

Big Momma's House Film Trailer

Big Momma's House Movie Description

In Big Momma's House Movie I was in my early teens when it was released ten years ago, and I'd never heard of it at the time. In early 2006, I went to the theater when the sequel to Big Momma's House Full Movie, "Big Momma's House 2 Movie," was playing, but since I had never seen the original up to this point I could see that the sequel was widely hated. 

Well, this was clearly not the movie I was going to see. Instead, I went to see "The Matador" on that particular trip to the movie theater. 

After that it took me more than four years to get around to seeing the original "Big Momma's House Movie," and just before I saw it, I had low expectations, thinking it would probably be a pretty ridiculous comedy, even though it absolutely was. Don't be terrible However, while it's surprisingly not that great, I did laugh.

Malcolm Turner is an FBI agent who is very skilled at disguising himself for undercover operations. 

After it is announced that a murderer and robber named Lester Vesco has just escaped from the prison where he was serving his life sentence, Malcolm and fellow FBI agent John Maxwell are sent to capture him. 

The FBI believes that Sherry Pierce, the perpetrator's ex-girlfriend, was also involved in the criminal activities, but they have not been able to prove it. 

Malcolm and John head to the Georgia neighborhood where Sherry's morbidly obese grandmother, Hattie Mae Pierce (aka Big Mom) lives, and begin spying on her. 

Sherry is visiting her grandmother's house with her son, Trent, but before they can arrive, Big Momma unexpectedly leaves town, so Malcolm decides to pose as the feisty old lady! He adapts to Sherry's lifestyle while trying to uncover the truth, and also finds himself falling for the ex-girlfriend of a gangster!

Before it is announced that Lester has escaped from prison and Malcolm and John go to spy on Big Momma's House Movie, the film begins with two FBI agents breaking up a dog fight, and I think Admittedly, parts of this sequence are a bit awkward, but nothing more than that. 

After this the film remains mostly straightforward, as we learn about the escaped prisoner, the two agents are sent on their mission, and Malcolm disguises himself as Big Momma. 

The opening portion where Malcolm has to hide in the shower while Big Mom poops is memorable, but not in a good way. 

For a while it didn't look like I'd be able to give "Big Momma's House Movie" more than a 5/10 rating. I used to laugh often, but it didn't seem like I would ever get a big laugh in a film. However, that eventually changed. 

While it's still not consistent with the latter, it sure can be fun with the things Malcolm has to do while in disguise, including baby deliveries. 

The scene with Malcolm posing as himself and Sherry claiming to be the handyman to the FBI agent is also a really weird part. The story and characters can also be interesting.

This 2000 release is certainly not considered one of the great comedies of modern times, and after watching it, I can understand why, but I've seen far worse excuses for comedy. 

I wouldn't be too surprised if I thought "Big Momma's House Movie" was really lame when I saw it, but I'm sure a lot of people think it is, I can't say that I do. It is uneven, but also sometimes funny. 

Plus, there's not nearly as much teen toilet humor in the movie as a poop scene suggests! Martin Lawrence plays the lead role here. 

I haven't seen him in any other movies and have only seen his stand-up comedy, so I'm not familiar with his work, but I think he does a great job with his performance here. 

The movie is a bit funny and doesn't have the most original plot, and the ending could have been thought out even more, but if you want a silly, raunchy comedy, this particular one might do the job, at least in parts.

Think a Mrs. Doubtfire meets Nutty Professor hybrid, with a dash of Kindergarten Cop thrown in for good measure, and you've got Big Momma House. 

All are proper movies except the former three, and unfortunately, Big Momma's House Movie just isn't there.

When dangerous criminal Howard Lester (Terrence Dashen) escapes from prison, undercover cop Malcolm (Martin Lawrence) is sent in with fellow FBI agent John (Paul Giamatti) in hopes of luring Lester's ex-girlfriend Sherry (Nia Long). 

Armed robber back in the direction of the Slammer. This involves moving out of Sherry's southern grandmother 'Big Momma' house, but when she leaves town Malcolm feels compelled to cover for her with the help of some prosthetics and some extra padding. 

Things take a complicated turn, however, when Malcolm begins to fall in love with the beautiful, yet clueless, Sherry.

The film bounds like a spirited dog, with the script acting as little more than a vehicle for Big Momma's "hilarious" antics and various escapades. 

The action often devolves into uninspired gross-out comedy and toilet humor as Big Momma stumbles from one rib-tickling situation to the next, with Malcolm often saved only by the former's reputation as a lovable and outlandish character. 

Big Mom attends a self-defense class. Big momma has dirty moments on the toilet. Big Mom plays basketball. And Big Mom gave birth to a baby boy. Check out the many moments of roll-the-knee hilarity in the aisles. Or not.

Unfortunately, the delinquent Howard is soon forgotten as the film focuses almost entirely on Lawrence, and the seriousness begins with Big Mama's Southern lyrics being about 95% of the dialogue. 

The slowly developing romance between Malcolm and Sherry is also guaranteed to unsettle viewers with its predictability.

Lawrence and Giamatti do an evil job well, though audiences are left to wonder why they took on the roles in the first place, while Dashen is convincing as the evil criminal on the loose. 

Obviously, all of the characters are shockingly two-dimensional, but to be fair, Big Momma's House Movie does at least generate a few laughs along the way.

It's hard to see who Big Momma's House Full Movie is aimed specifically at, but given the high-grossing opening weekend in the States there must be some attraction. 

However, the non-existent plot and character development will ensure that many viewers end up disappointed. To be seen only by those who know what they are giving themselves to.

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