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Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Brendan FraserBrendan Fraser...Elliot
Elizabeth HurleyElizabeth Hurley...The Devil
Frances O'ConnorFrances O'Connor...Alison / Nicole
Miriam ShorMiriam Shor...Carol / Penthouse Hostess
Orlando JonesOrlando Jones...Dan / Esteban / Beach Jock / Sportscaster / African Party Guest
Paul AdelsteinPaul Adelstein...Bob / Roberto / Beach Jock / Sportscaster / Lincoln Aide
Toby HussToby Huss...Jerry / Alejandro / Beach Jock / Sportscaster / Lance
Gabriel CasseusGabriel Casseus...Elliot's Cellmate
Brian Doyle-MurrayBrian Doyle-Murray...Priest
Jeff DoucetteJeff Doucette...Desk Sergeant
Aaron LustigAaron Lustig...Synedyne Supervisor
Rudolf MartinRudolf Martin...Raoul
Julian FirthJulian Firth...John Wilkes Booth
Iain RogersonIain Rogerson...Play Actor
Biddy HodsonBiddy Hodson...Play Actor
Roger HammondRoger Hammond...Play Actor
William OsbourneWilliam Osbourne...Play Actor
Laurel A. WardLaurel A. Ward...Tech Support Advisor
Beverly WilesBeverly Wiles...Tech Support Advisor
Robert AmbroseRobert Ambrose...Tech Support Advisor
Suzanne HerringtonSuzanne Herrington...Tech Support Advisor
Bonnie SomervilleBonnie Somerville...Girl at Beer Garden
Sadie StrattonSadie Stratton...Girl at Beer Garden (as Sadie Kratzig)
David BainDavid Bain...McDonald's Employee
William SalyersWilliam Salyers...Elegant Devil
Tom Woodruff Jr.Tom Woodruff Jr....Biggest Devil
William MarquezWilliam Marquez...Eduardo
Ilya MelnikoffIlya Melnikoff...Russian Drug Dealer (as Ilya Morelle)
Paul SimonPaul Simon...Police Officer
Michael HaleyMichael Haley...Mover (as R.M. Haley)
Ray HaratianRay Haratian...Pablito
Mickey VictorMickey Victor...Drug Factory Foreman
Stephan McKenzieStephan McKenzie...DV8 Bouncer (as Stephán A. McKenzie)
Lindsay AlbertLindsay Albert...DV8 Clubgoer
Joanna BacalsoJoanna Bacalso...DV8 Clubgoer
Anderson BourellAnderson Bourell...DV8 Clubgoer
Cara Michelle MeschterCara Michelle Meschter...DV8 Clubgoer
Jessica Anne OsekowskyJessica Anne Osekowsky...DV8 Clubgoer
Christine CameronChristine Cameron...DV8 Waitress
Michelle BoehleMichelle Boehle...Cheerleader / Dancer
Brigid BurnsBrigid Burns...Cheerleader / Dancer
Gigi ChavoshiGigi Chavoshi...Cheerleader / Dancer
Natalie HohalekNatalie Hohalek...Cheerleader / Dancer
Eboni NicholsEboni Nichols...Cheerleader / Dancer (as Eboni Y. Nichols)
Katy DurhamKaty Durham...Cheerleader / Dancer (as Katy Quinealty)
Gloria RodriguezGloria Rodriguez...Cheerleader / Dancer
Susie ShoemakerSusie Shoemaker...Cheerleader / Dancer
Joelene WalkerJoelene Walker...Cheerleader / Dancer
Hope WoodHope Wood...Cheerleader / Dancer
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
A. David BurleighA. David Burleigh...Prisoner (uncredited)
Jan CitronJan Citron...Churchgoer (uncredited)
Wahayn Inello ClaytonWahayn Inello Clayton...San Francisco Pedestrian (uncredited)
Sam CohenSam Cohen...Tech Support Advisor (uncredited)
Peter CornellPeter Cornell...Self (uncredited)
M.G. CrossM.G. Cross...Businessman #1 (uncredited)
Scott DuthieScott Duthie...Ivan the Russian (uncredited)
John ForkerJohn Forker...DV8 Clubgoer (uncredited)
Marc GardnerMarc Gardner...Man in Park (uncredited)
Thelma GutiérrezThelma Gutiérrez...Caged Go-Go Dancer (uncredited)
Todd HenryTodd Henry...DV8 Clubgoer (uncredited)
Baron JayBaron Jay...NBA Player #10 (uncredited)
Lia JohnsonLia Johnson...Fly Girl (uncredited)
Ethan KeoghEthan Keogh...Club DV8 Patron (uncredited)
Lex LangLex Lang...The Devil (voice) (uncredited)
Paul McMichaelPaul McMichael...Photographer at basketball game (uncredited)
Orleans MirandaOrleans Miranda...Club DV8 Dancer (uncredited)
Ken MiyamotoKen Miyamoto...Office Worker (uncredited)
Paul MoncriefPaul Moncrief...Raging Fan (uncredited)
Cal NguyenCal Nguyen...Office Worker (uncredited)
Jude NorthJude North...Restaurant Server (uncredited)
Clarence PerryClarence Perry...Extra (uncredited)
Dominic PetersonDominic Peterson...Surfer (uncredited)
Tracy PfauTracy Pfau...Fly Girl (uncredited)
Tim PhoenixTim Phoenix...Club Dancer (uncredited)
James PomichterJames Pomichter...NBA Player #30 (uncredited)
Barry RatcliffeBarry Ratcliffe...Devil's Lawyer (uncredited)
Louis E. RosasLouis E. Rosas...Club DV8 Goth (uncredited)
Ruel RoweRuel Rowe...Usher (uncredited)
Jodi ThomasJodi Thomas...Fly Girl (uncredited)
Tristan ThomasTristan Thomas...DV8 Clubgoer (uncredited)
Tamara TorresTamara Torres...Restaurant Customer (uncredited)
Scott TrimbleScott Trimble...Cafe Patron at the Car Crash (uncredited)
Mark WinnMark Winn...Columbian Soldier (uncredited)
Elizabeth WittelsbachElizabeth Wittelsbach...Demonic Waitress (uncredited)
Robert WolfskillRobert Wolfskill...Security Guard (Rock Fantasy) (uncredited)

Bedazzled Movie Trailer

Bedazzled 2000 Theatrical Trailer 1080p

Bedazzled Movie Description

In Bedazzled Movie Wealth Power. Admiration. They all sound pretty enticing. Indeed many people spend their life in pursuit of these or similar goals and are willing to sacrifice anything and everything in the process. 

But what if there was an easy way to do it, say, selling your soul? You're not really using it anyways .As Bedazzled Movie saying goes, the day I decided to do it there'd probably be a glut on the market.

Elliot Richards is, for lack of a better word, a dork. Relegated to the most dreaded of worker hells - tech support - he is a social pariah. 

Mocked by his colleagues, he spends his time trying to be cool and is hopelessly in love with one of his co-workers who doesn't even know that he exists. 

While lamenting his lot in life he casually mentions that he would give anything to have his beloved Allison. Enter Bedazzled Movie Princess of Darkness, stage left.

Although the basics between Bedazzled Film Bedazzled Movie and Bedazzled Movie 1967 classic of the same name are similar, there are so many differences (styles of humor, characters, plot, etc) that comparisons are pointless. So I won't even try. 

Bedazzled offers something so few comedies do these days - laughs, and lots or them, without relying on endless juvenile scatological gags. I thoroughly enjoyed Bedazzled Movie physical transformations that Elliot, Allison, and his cohorts undergo (several of which are amazing) each time he makes a wish. 

Bedazzled Movie spins on the wishes are especially amusing: for example, when Elliot wishes for power and wealth, he fails to take consider the how, and wakes up as a cuckolded Colombian drug lord whose kingdom is quickly collapsing around him. 

Elliot soon discovers that when dealing with Bedazzled Movie devil - surprise, surprise - nothing is, as it seems.

I have liked Brendan Fraser since his role in "Encino Man". Since then, he has proven himself capable of doing both schtick ("The Mummy") and serious roles ("Gods and Monsters"). 

With Bedazzled Film part he shows just how versatile he is: rather than one role, he takes on seven, and does so admirably (I particularly enjoyed sensitive guy - I was laughing so hard my side hurt). 

Elizabeth Hurley is deliciously wicked in a role that she was born to play (if reports about her are true.) and it appears that she enjoyed herself. 

Her spin on Bedazzled Movie ultimate temptress is hilarious and personally, I'll take leather-clad vixens over slimy snakes any day. 

Francis O'Connor, brings Bedazzled Full Movie same verve and versatility to Allison that she displayed in "Mansfield Park", although here she is less subdued. The supporting cast provides Bedazzled Film finishing touch rounding out the film nicely.

I originally saw Bedazzled Movie because it stars Brendan Fraser, an actor who can't seem to make a bad movie, and often makes great Bedazzled Full Movie, such as "Blast From the Past".

Bedazzled Movie big surprise was Elizabeth Hurley. As certain as Vivien Leigh was meant to play Scarlett O'Hara, no one could have done a better job playing The Devil...

in Bedazzled Film case a sly, brilliantly cunning, sexy devil who playfully torments Brendan by dooming each of his wishes with unintended, nasty surprises. She effortlessly leads him along like a puppy dog on a leash.

Besides her comedic wit, (and some clever writing) I would be remiss not to mention that Elizabeth Hurley looks perfect, absolutely perfect, in every scene. Her clipped, refined British accent is Bedazzled Movie aural equivalent of a film shot on Kodachrome.

Bedazzled exudes a positive, good-natured warmth, and is proof that comedy doesn't have to depend on silly sophomoric antics, pratfalls, or foul language.

ADDENDUM January 10, 2008. After two years, I have no idea if anyone has ever read Bedazzled Film review. Even if you don't like it, please give me a thumbs up or thumbs down, just to let me know someone read it.

No, Bedazzled Movie isn't Bedazzled Full Movie best or funniest comedy in the world, but I certainly enjoyed it. There is a fair amount of really good comedy in the film to keep you entertained. ...And of course there's Elizabeth Hurley...need I say more?

The story is a fun one and quite Bedazzled Film fantasy, but nonetheless, it's entertaining. 

While not being anything terribly profound, Bedazzled Movie definitely has a point to make, be happy with yourself and only you can make things happen, don't rely on others for your happiness.

The acting in Bedazzled Movie is very good. Brendan Fraser struts his acting talent in this film quite nicely, playing virtually 5 or 6 characters throughout Bedazzled Movie. 

Brendan really is a talented actor and should get some notice for his role in Bedazzled Full Movie. Orlando Jones, Paul Adelstein, and Toby Huss also deserve a great deal of notice for their work in Bedazzled Movie, all three of them play various types of characters in Bedazzled Film and do it quite nicely. 

Elizabeth Hurley and her ever-changing wardrobe should be reason enough for any guy to watch this film. 

She looks nothing short of fantastic in every scene. Frances O'Connor was a nice choice for Bedazzled Movie part of Alison / Nicole (also playing more than one role very nicely).

Someone in Bedazzled Movie heaven dropped a feather on Ramis, director of good-time romcoms like Ghostbusters and Stripes. 

His remake of Bedazzled Movie 1967 classic rides on the shoulders of Elliot (Brendan Fraser at his best), a pathetically geeky loner who is so socially inept it makes our skin crawl a little. 

When we first meet him, Elliott is trying to shine on his co-workers' after-hours social scene by snapping pictures of his speakers (from all sides) using such tried-and-true means that, in fact The awesome blue-eyed soul brother act, and plain old stalking.

Even though he's Bedazzled Movie guy you run from when he lunges at you in the hall — maybe knocking over the water cooler at the same time — Elliot really wants to be different. Part of Bedazzled Full Movie is because of his fervent secret crush on Alison (Frances O'Connor), a beautiful systems analyst who doesn't see him at all. 

Elliot is so in love with her that he doesn't realize until it's too late that she has given him a polite brush off at Bedazzled Movie local pub, where she is busy trying to impress her friends.

Now comes a simple but nifty transitional shot: a cue ball bounces off a pool table and bounces down a flight of stairs and Bedazzled Movie camera makes a steady, inevitable trip across the crowded floor, a couple of feet straight ahead. 

Let's grow Bedazzled Movie ending hits Elliot's feet where he sits on a stool in silent agony. He picks up the ball and looks across the room, up a flight of stairs where Fate, in the form of Elizabeth Hurley in a slim red dress, is calling him.

Ms. Hurley is actually the Devil, though Elliot doesn't know it yet, and she will soon put him through a series of transformative experiences. 

Meanwhile, however, he is not buying her story, even though she presents him with a card that reads, "Bedazzled Movie Devil". 

Compared to the heavy-handedness of recent 'Sign o' the Beast R' Us' flicks like Devil's Advocate, Bedazzled Full Movie sequence is done with sly wit and relies on giving Hurley the chance to play the villain she was born to be. Had happened.

We start to like Elliot here, because even though she is presented with vanity-soothing temptations, it isn't until she is served a batch of her grandmother's cookies that she believes that Satan is indeed who he claims to be. 

And when he's presented with Bedazzled Movie standard seven-wish contract for your soulmate, it's not until he sees a giant video screen of Alison calling out to him that he makes the deal.

While the actual behavior — the goofy avatars of teeth, hair, and clothing that Elliot chooses for his ideal self in his endless pursuit of happiness, success, and Alison's hand — is yet to come, I'm just pointing out how masterfully Ramis has Received table. 

We've already learned a lot about Elliot by Bedazzled Full Movie time he dives into his journey of self-improvement and starts to get into his corner.

We even begin to feel a certain sympathy for Satan, mainly thanks to the fine work done by Ms. Hurley, with her beautiful voice and her obvious enthusiasm for the role. 

While she certainly isn't Bedazzled Full Movie scariest Lucifer to appear on screen yet, she is the most consistently sales-oriented and can hang with the toughest of David Mamet's phone scammers. 

Instead of sultry, pathetic, and insightful ("Have you ever looked at your soul? Do you know what it does? It's really like your appendix - you'll never lose it."), he's always the ultimate is close. 

Yet it is never really in doubt that Bedazzled Full Movie glories of goodness can slip past the bonds of his contract without any hard feelings on his part.

Fraser's Elliot, who is almost always duped, is hilariously baffled by Bedazzled Full Movie personality that Satan has given him. Plagued in each adventure by the same people who harassed him at Bedazzled Full Movie office, he can never figure out what went wrong with his will until it is too late. 

It's a delight to watch Bedazzled Full Movie fine actor strangle Bedazzled Full Movie comic range he's able to play in all the different shades of his character, as well as the ease with which he finally returns to being Bedazzled Movie same old Elliot, the wiser one.

Great supporting work by Orlando Wilson, Paul Edelstein and Toby Huss as Elliot's co-stars and supporting cast. M.A.S.H. Great script by Kay Ramis, Larry Gelbart. and Oh, God, and Peter Tolan (Analyze This, Bedazzled Movie Larry Sanders Show).

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