Battlefield Earth Movie | Battlefield Earth Full Movie | 2000

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

John TravoltaJohn Travolta...Terl
Barry PepperBarry Pepper...Jonnie Goodboy Tyler
Forest WhitakerForest Whitaker...Ker
Kim CoatesKim Coates...Carlo
Sabine KarsentiSabine Karsenti...Chrissy
Michael ByrneMichael Byrne...Parson Staffer
Christian TessierChristian Tessier...Mickey
Sylvain LandrySylvain Landry...Sammy
Richard TysonRichard Tyson...Robert the Fox
Christopher FreemanChristopher Freeman...Processing Clerk
John ToporJohn Topor...Processing Clerk / One-Eyed Guard / Teleportation Supervisor
Shaun Austin-OlsenShaun Austin-Olsen...Planetship
Tim PostTim Post...Assistant Planetship / Psychlo Guard
Earl PastkoEarl Pastko...Bartender
Michel PerronMichel Perron...Rock
Michael MacRaeMichael MacRae...District Manager Zete
Todd McDougallTodd McDougall...Psychlo Wrangler
Derrick Damon ReeveDerrick Damon Reeve...Psychlo Hoser
Jason CavalierJason Cavalier...Floyd
Sean HewittSean Hewitt...Heywood
Andrew AlbertAndrew Albert...Labour Supervisor
Alan LegrosAlan Legros...Heavy Set Guard
Andy BradshawAndy Bradshaw...Mason
Jim MeskimenJim Meskimen...Blythe
Robert HigdenRobert Higden...Supply Clerk
Rejean DenoncourtRejean Denoncourt...Communication Officer
Tait RuppertTait Ruppert...Rodman
Mulumba TshikukaMulumba Tshikuka...Human Pilot
Kelly PrestonKelly Preston...Chirk
Marie-Josée CrozeMarie-Josée Croze...Mara
Nadine CordeNadine Corde...Psychlo Babe
Russell YuenRussell Yuen...Speaking Bandit
Andrew CampbellAndrew Campbell...Leering Grin Bandit
Noel BurtonNoel Burton...Clinko
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Craig GauthierCraig Gauthier...Alien (uncredited)
Jared LabelleJared Labelle...Man in Prison (uncredited)

Battlefield Earth Movie Trailer

Battlefield Earth Movie (2000) Official Trailer #1 - John Travolta Movie HD

Battlefield Earth Movie Description

In Battlefield Earth Movie Well, it seems to me that everyone involved in making Battlefield Earth Film experimented with their careers. 

If I was funding this I wouldn't be sitting here writing sarcastic comments, I would be on the back of some head. 

Roger Christian specifically and the screenwriter and possibly Travolta.

Surely there have been other movies that flopped badly while being insanely expensive, but I haven't seen any that deliberately failed. up to it.

Let's start with the obvious. direction. The direction was so poor and intrusive that even the most clueless audience would have noticed and felt for the first time in their lives how bad direction choices can affect the viewing experience. 

A single choice stands out like turmeric in a punch bowl - tilting the camera at every single shot. 

Every single shot you look at with nausea wishes the camera was straight. But this never happens. And there was never any artistic justification for it. 

Well, we look at the future world cross-eyed because the future world is bad - point taken - can we watch a bloody movie now? No.

Although I tolerated watching it on a TV station that mercifully aired commercials every 15 minutes so I could take breaks from time to time. I was able to feel that not only the picture but also the story has been killed.

I was hoping it wouldn't because of the following: Hubbard, the author of the story, was the founder of Scientology / Travolta is one of their ardent followers / The film is Travolta's obsessive child / Travolta also played a key role in the production. 

One would assume that Travolta would respect his mentor enough to be faithful to this book. Well, he didn't. 

And it's a pity because I found the book fantastic (I was in high-school, but still). It may not be an original but it is quite the inspirational saga of freeing mankind and Earth from the Cyclos, a corrupt commercial force from outer space. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't rate Scientology one bit (I think it's a stupid pastime for the rich and famous) and I don't rate Hubbard as a person (frankly, he is an idiot). 

And I didn't mind the allegorical messages of this sci-fi story when I was reading it, nor did it inspire me to turn to Scientology. 

But, for all its flaws, "Battlefield Earth Movie" is still something that might have put the whole "Star Wars" n-logy to shame. If only he had done it right.

Of course, film being a fast medium, a lot has to be cut from the book to make it work on screen. 

But Travolta's arrogance is also responsible for the ruin of Battlefield Earth Full Movie. I think if he was younger he would have been playing Johnny. 

Because the book is about Johnny, the protagonist (though the early parts of the book are written from the perspective of the main villain). 

It is about his journey from slave to master and the journey of mankind to find what they have lost. Travolta's decision to put the villain in the spotlight and isolate the hero was instrumental in killing the spirit of the original story. 

Not to mention they completely abandoned the second part after the humans' victory over the Cyclos.

Even if the director isn't completely drunk, it still won't be satisfactory.

In general, I think reports about something being the "worst" or "best" are exaggerated. OK, I don't know that "Battlefield Earth Movie" is the worst movie I've ever seen, but it's got to be a contender.

If I were to teach a film class, I would actually show my students a movie like "Battlefield Earth Film" because I think you can learn more about how important things like editing, writing, cinematography, etc. 

when they are done badly. And man, are they in bad shape in this stinker. In fact, they don't get anything right.

John Travolta and Forest Whitaker have three Oscar nominations and one win between them, which is enough to completely devalue the value of an Oscar. Whittaker probably does the better of the two. 

He may dress up from his rough years to look like Oprah Winfrey, but he gets very few lines, and therefore opportunities to embarrass himself. 

Travolta, on the other hand, for some reason assumes a dandified, English aristocratic accent, and delivers one howler after another. 

It's not clear to me whether he realizes how bad Battlefield Earth Movie is and is hurting it on purpose with nothing better to do or thinks he might actually be contributing something of value. Used to be.

Oops -- you watch something like "Battlefield Earth Film" and realize you might need to re-calibrate your poor movie meter. 

I've seen a lot of crappy movies that look like "Lawrence of Arabia" in comparison.

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