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Emilio EchevarríaEmilio Echevarría...El Chivo
Gael García BernalGael García Bernal...Octavio (as Gael García)
Goya ToledoGoya Toledo...Valeria
Álvaro GuerreroÁlvaro Guerrero...Daniel (as Alvaro Guerrero)
Vanessa BaucheVanessa Bauche...Susana
Jorge SalinasJorge Salinas...Luis
Marco PérezMarco Pérez...Ramiro
Rodrigo MurrayRodrigo Murray...Gustavo
Humberto BustoHumberto Busto...Jorge
Gerardo CampbellGerardo Campbell...Mauricio
Rosa María BianchiRosa María Bianchi...Tía Luisa (Aunt Luisa)
Dunia SaldívarDunia Saldívar...Mama Susana (Susana's Mother)
Adriana BarrazaAdriana Barraza...Mama Octavio (Octavio's Mother)
José SefamiJosé Sefami...Leonardo
Lourdes EchevarríaLourdes Echevarría...Maru
Laura AlmelaLaura Almela...Julieta
Ricardo DalmacciRicardo Dalmacci...Andrés Salgado
Gustavo Sánchez ParraGustavo Sánchez Parra...Jarocho
Dagoberto GamaDagoberto Gama...Alvaro
Gustavo MuñozGustavo Muñoz...El Chispas (as Gustavo Muñóz)
Carlo BernalCarlo Bernal...Javier
Rodrigo OstapRodrigo Ostap...El Jaibo (as Rodrigo Obstab)
Edgar GonzálezEdgar González...Bebe Rodrigo (Baby Rodrigo)
Hilda GonzálezHilda González...Cajera (Cashier)
Patricio CastilloPatricio Castillo...Doctor
Ana María GonzálezAna María González...Enfermera (Nurse)
Roberto MedinaRoberto Medina...Conductor de T.V. (TV Announcer)
Ángeles MarínÁngeles Marín...Conductora de T.V. (TV Announcer)
Carlos SamperioCarlos Samperio...Hombre deshuesadero (Man at Junkyard)
Kazuyo TogawaKazuyo Togawa...Sra. gorda (Fat Lady) (as T. Kazuyo Togawa)
Gema AparicioGema Aparicio...Empleada domestica (Maid) (scenes deleted)
Adriana VaroneAdriana Varone...Amante Luis (Luis's Mistress)
Bruno SalgadoBruno Salgado...Champignon
Adriana IslasAdriana Islas...Lina
Regina AbadRegina Abad...Jimena
Leoncio TorresLeoncio Torres...El Pelón
Luisa GelizLuisa Geliz...Secretaria Daniel (Daniel's Secretary)
Jean Paul BierryJean Paul Bierry...Hombre junta (Man at Meeting)
Alma Rocío GonzálezAlma Rocío González...Mujer junta (Woman at Meeting)
Mauricio MartínezMauricio Martínez...Judicial (Judicial Police Agent)
Juan Manuel RamosJuan Manuel Ramos...Policia (Policeman)
Ernesto BogErnesto Bog...Hombre 1 (Man 1)
José Luis BarrazaJosé Luis Barraza...Hombre 2 (Man 2)
Jorge ArellanoJorge Arellano...Niño cuidador 1 (Boy Caretaker 1)
Jonathan HerreraJonathan Herrera...Niño cuidador 2 (Boy Caretaker 2)
Heriberto CastilloHeriberto Castillo...Extraño (Stranger

Amores perros Movie Trailer

AMORES PERROS Trailer German Deutsch (2001)

Amores perros Movie Description

In 'Amores Perros' has a character who looks like Karl Marx. He is a vagabond and a murderer, a good bourgeois who one day, like Reggie Perrin, abandoned his family, and, like non-Reggie Perrin, joined the Sandanistas in an effort to build a better world, 20 Earned a year's jail. 

for his troubles. Walking the streets with a strange cart and a pack of mangy dogs, he met the policeman who put him in jail, who gave him a dirty place to live, food and a strange, non-official contract.

El Chivo is the soul of the film, the missing link, both in appearance (a man called 'The Goat', who has rejected the decencies of society and lives an animal-like existence with his dogs among Amores perros Movie ruins of civilization), and Storytelling ceremony.

 With a complex structure, 'Amores Perros' tells three stories, one of an underclass Mexican life, where survival depends on what New Labor calls the 'illegal economy' (dog-fighting, bank-robbing etc.) 

where bright young women are suppressed and humiliated by unintended pregnancies and brutal marriages, where single mothers depend (and usually cannot depend) on menial sons for sustenance; And in contrast to this world mirrors the world of the media, of celebrities, of models and magazine editors, of daytime TV, perfume ad campaigns and bright apartments. 

Family life is central here too, although in this case it is broken up by more pleasant bourgeois ailments like ennui and discontent.

These two stories are mediated by the legend of El Chivo, a man who left one of these worlds for the other, but who still negotiates both, through his search for his daughter whom he had lost as a child. 

Was left as, and in his 'job', the businessman annihilated. If Mexico is emerging as part of hyper-confident globalism of hi-capitalism, there is sorely worse than El Chivo, the ex-Sandinista, the Marx-like, the man who said no, the drop-out, the forgotten What happened, the degenerate spirit of the Left, is happily killing and torturing the servants of the new economic regime.

There's also something biblical about his harsh penance, 'Cain and Abel' to judge half-brothers, one an adulterer, the other with a contract on his brother, another example of family gone horribly wrong. 

This, the bleak funeral and solemn scenes, and Octavia's functional appearance every time she passes an icon on the landing, are the only residual elements of religion in a society that was once ostensibly religious.

except Amores perros Movie director. Like Paul Thomas Anderson in “Magnolia,” though to a less self-aware degree, Gonzales Iñárritu is the god of his film, intricately creating a structure that connects his characters and their various environments. 

These are negative associations, however, which work against the idea of ​​a coherent meaning in life – the association usually leads to destruction (physical, material, spiritual) or diminishing.

He is also an Old Testament deity who punishes those who become too overconfident with their future plans or their seeming current success – the benefits of capitalism falling prey to the violent whims of chance: Gonzalez Iñárritu doesn't need to shake Amores perros Movie frogs' rigid society or mindset.

Moral change is linked to physical change - being beaten, losing a leg, getting hair cut. In reference to the dog-eat/dog-fighting nature of modern life, and its general disenchantment with Amores perros Movie short title, the film gives the film a biblical feel, the idea of ​​Mexico as an asphalt desert, or a rubbish heap, all along Is. These unsanitary monasteries are cleaning up the remains.

'Amores Perros' shares Amores perros Movie morbid, bleached near-monochrome look of many recent crime films, such as 'Chopper' or 'Bleeder'. 

But where the heightened mise-en-scene in those works was an expressionistic projection of his protagonist's psychosis, here it is part of a controlled world-view, the universal consciousness that creates, connects and destroys.

Amores perros Movie three stories, though linked narratively and symbolically, are mutually distinct – the first being a thrilling mix of violent gangster film and frustrated romance; the second is like a short story (the screenwriter is a novelist), a figurative plot where movement occurs through image, symbol, and thought rather than through film narrative; The third is a kind of spiritual journey, with an appropriately biblical (or Wim Wenders-like) openness.

'Amores Perros' isn't as amazing as its fans claim - it says more about contemporary cinema that a film only has to capture your interest in order to be a masterpiece - but it's consistently engaging, and , despite all the stylistic tics and brutal violence, bravely humanistic.

A young man enters Amores perros Movie world of illegal dog fighting in order to simultaneously obtain enough money to be able to escape with his brother's wife, but in the meantime he begins to have tensions with another dog owner. 

A beautiful young model signs a lucrative contract with a perfume company and moves into their new flat with her boyfriend only to find her tragedy and her dog go missing. 

Finally an ex-convict and guerrilla mourns the wife he left behind decades ago and longs to meet Amores perros Full Movie daughter who thinks she is dead but is also contracted to kill a businessman. 

These three lives come together in a car accident which acts as a catalyst in changing their lives.

After watching 21 Grams, I knew that I would have to go round and round to see this film. With its presence on TV (BBC4 showing itself as a really 'thinking place' and a wonderful channel) I took the opportunity to watch it, hoping for a film that outweighed the good things I heard about it. 

Match it. >From Amores perros Film opening car chase, which results in an accident, causing the film to flop out like a wreck, through most of the first hour, I was hooked. The pace was great and Amores perros Full Movie story was entertaining. 

It was violent, thrilling and at the same time had a human element to it. However Amores perros Movie second story blew the air out for a moment, and it felt lacking in the spirit of the first. It was based on a sort of urban myth and was not as good even if it picked up towards Amores perros Film end.

Amores perros Movie third story saw that it was much more than a story of pain and the crushing of life (as in 'Getting By'). 

Maybe it was Amores perros Movie rich lifestyles of the characters in story two that prevented me from caring much I don't know but I do know that the difference between one and the two made it all the more obvious how much the pace had dropped especially when we Amores perros Movie survivors wanted to know what happened to the characters we had spent an hour taking care of. 

Anyway, Amores perros Film third story is a satisfying ending to the film and pulled me back emotionally where the second story had cut me off from Amores perros Movie abrupt start. Story two ends before story three begins, and so it was easy to move on.

I think Amores perros Film problem with this Amores perros Movie for me was not that the three stories were intertwined but I didn't think they blended really well with the way the Amores perros Movie characters ended their segments (like Octavia) before committing, Amores perros Film way the stories are actually quite different from each other, these things and other things made me feel the Amores perros Movie weak though each story was strong in its own right, i just felt that the story in 2 Amores perros Movie Such is the change that it hurt.

However, as a first film it is a wonderful piece of work and is consistently impressive. From the initial car chase to Amores perros Full Movie dog fight to the model's silent pain to see where her image once hung. 

Doesn't dull either, whether it's set in a penthouse flat or Amores perros Full Movie basement of an old building with the blood of dead dogs. 

And while we're on the subject, at release I heard critics say they walked out of the film, refusing to see cruelty to animals, even while being fake. 

I can understand their point of view but also think they missed Amores perros Full Movie point that the animals in the Amores perros Movie are mostly loved (even though they mostly die!) although it is love and compassion for other human beings Which is where the Amores perros Movie shows the characters with difficulties, and that's where the emotional impact of the Amores perros Movie isn't in the fake dogfights, although there are plenty of well simulated dogfights that are hard to hear, even if they're mostly unseen.

All Amores perros Full Movie actors were natural but it is always difficult for me to judge the performance when they are not in English. 

Having said that, there was no poor performance on Amores perros Full Movie whole even though some may have better materials to work with than others. Of course I still think this is a director's film and Amores perros Film cast often comes second for the style and feel of the film.

Overall I really enjoyed this Amores perros Movie, but can't believe it deserves to be considered one of the 'best Amores perros Movie ever'! The opening timing is superb and its pace is constant (even in Amores perros Film more sensitive moments) but when Amores perros Movie shifts to another story it suddenly stops and really stuck the film out for me. 

It gets better and is completely back on track for story three but Amores perros Film problem continues all through Amores perros Movie narrative. 

Even though it has a low rating on IMDb at the time of writing, I'd say 21 Grams offers this same fragmented style but with a more satisfying narrative. 

Despite my nit-picking I still think it is a powerful film that takes a 150-minute flight from a first-time director with a massive amount of style, even if it doesn't live up to Amores perros Film endless praise garnered by many audiences. ,

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