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Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Christian BaleChristian Bale...Patrick Bateman
Justin TherouxJustin Theroux...Timothy Bryce
Josh LucasJosh Lucas...Craig McDermott
Bill SageBill Sage...David Van Patten
Chloë SevignyChloë Sevigny...Jean
Reese WitherspoonReese Witherspoon...Evelyn Williams
Samantha MathisSamantha Mathis...Courtney Rawlinson
Matt RossMatt Ross...Luis Carruthers
Jared LetoJared Leto...Paul Allen
Willem DafoeWillem Dafoe...Donald Kimball
Cara SeymourCara Seymour...Christie
Guinevere TurnerGuinevere Turner...Elizabeth
Stephen BogaertStephen Bogaert...Harold Carnes
Monika MeierMonika Meier...Daisy
Reg E. CatheyReg E. Cathey...Homeless Man
Blair WilliamsBlair Williams...Waiter #1
Marie DameMarie Dame...Victoria
Kelley HarronKelley Harron...Bargirl
Patricia GagePatricia Gage...Mrs. Wolfe
Krista SuttonKrista Sutton...Sabrina
Landy CannonLandy Cannon...Man at Pierce & Pierce
Park BenchPark Bench...Stash
Catherine BlackCatherine Black...Vanden
Margaret MaMargaret Ma...Dry Cleaner Woman
Peter Tufford KennedyPeter Tufford Kennedy...Hamilton (as Tufford Kennedy)
Mark PawsonMark Pawson...Humphrey Rhineback
Jessica LauJessica Lau...Facialist
Lilette WiensLilette Wiens...Maitre Dí
Glen Marc SilotGlen Marc Silot...Waiter
Charlotte HunterCharlotte Hunter...Libby
Kiki ButtignolKiki Buttignol...Caron
Joyce R. KorbinJoyce R. Korbin...Woman at ATM (as Joyce Korbin)
Reuben ThompsonReuben Thompson...Waiter #2
Bryan RenfroBryan Renfro...Night Watchman
Ross GibbyRoss Gibby...Man Outside Store
Christina McKayChristina McKay...Young Woman
Alan McCulloughAlan McCullough...Man in Stall (as Allan McCullough)
Anthony LemkeAnthony Lemke...Marcus Halberstram
Connie ChenConnie Chen...Gwendolyn Ichiban
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Marilyn BurnsMarilyn Burns...Sally Hardesty (archive footage) (uncredited)
Brett Alexander DavidsonBrett Alexander Davidson...Bartender (uncredited)
Peter LoungPeter Loung...Dancer (uncredited)
Joseph OliveiraJoseph Oliveira...Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Leanne Poirier GreenfieldLeanne Poirier Greenfield...Party Girl (uncredited)
Ronald ReaganRonald Reagan...Self (archive footage) (uncredited)
Somaya ReeceSomaya Reece...Bar Girl (uncredited)
Kate SteenKate Steen...Pierce & Pierce Girl (uncredited)

 American Psycho Movie Trailer

American Psycho (2000 Movie) Trailer - Christian Bale, Justin Theroux, Chloe Sevigny

 American Psycho Movie Description

in american psycho movie examines our own distorted perspectives or alienation from reality. Like Patrick Bateman, we can get caught up in craving the approval of others and deprive ourselves of our ability to separate fantasies from our reality. 

American Psycho Bateman finds no catharsis, trapped in his own personal hell as he needs american psycho movie identities of the other yuppies to confirm his identity as the murderer. Ironically, Feynman's real crimes may also be fictional. 

This lack of acceptance of his reality drives Bateman to further insanity and existential despair.

It's about yuppie culture, a combination of identities and american psycho movie longing to stand out from superficially homogenous society. 

Bateman's interpretation of american psycho movie world is skewed by his heightened ego and his apparent psychosis, as well as possibly multiple mental illnesses. 

Bateman is a murderer, but even so, he is not american psycho movie killer he thinks he is because, as he goes insane, he cannot separate reality from fiction. His over American Psycho film top chainsaw massacre-style murders may be an aesthetic expansion on the partial truth the american psycho movie ultimately doesn't care about. 

American Psycho film more striking point of the american psycho movie' absurdity is that Bateman is not a psycho within his society, he is just another normal man among a horde of American psychopaths, secretly dissatisfied with reality. 

Bateman is surrounded by like-minded superficial people who are obsessed with all American Psycho film wrong things like making impossible reservations at Dorsia and the delicious thickness of their business cards. 

american psycho full movie identity of the homogeneous upper-class elite becomes blurred as everyone strives after a general but highly specific image of success.

Everyone we see in Bateman's company appears to be american psycho full movie same person. It's no surprise that identities are constantly misjudged and changed throughout the film.

 The lawyer misunderstood Paul Allen or perhaps Batman killed American Psycho film wrong person is not only plausible, but also an expression of general confusion resulting from american psycho movie loss of personal identity.

Meanwhile, though Batman tries to fit in like american psycho full movie rest, the emptiness of his lifestyle also fuels a longing to stand out. 

To avoid the analogy that he is at some level detested by Batman, he lives a second life as an assassin, where he is free from the confines of society. 

Although he really wants to be seen as a murderer as someone different from the rest of society, Bateman is denied gratification by every self-absorbed yuppie he meets. When he sees a dead body stuffed in a car trunk, the witness is only interested in american psycho full movie bag.

Patrick Bateman is a heartless man who doesn't care about the people around him. Serial killer... 

or capitalist? This american psycho movie explains why there may not be much difference and perhaps shows us why serial killers were more celebrated in popular culture in the 1980s than at any time before or since.

This is not a film for everyone. Some (like me) will love every little aspect, while others may be put off by the sex and violence of my ... book). 

I think that is to be expected. Even those looking for a horror film may be disappointed, as there is no real focus here.

american psycho full movie cast of  American Psycho film is amazing. Willem Defoe needs no introduction. Chloe Sevigny (one of my favorites), Jared Leto, Reese Witherspoon (not my favorite but good for her role) and Gwen Turner. 

Even Samantha Mathis shows up. But, of course, stealing the show is Christian Bale.

Bell was the right choice to play Bateman and I'm glad director Mary Harron won't settle for anyone else (turning down Ed Norton, who is compared to Bell but remains inferior). 

Bell is capable of becoming any character he wants (compare American Psycho film to "Batman Begins", "The Prestige", and especially "The Machinist" and see if there are any similar characters here). 

As for Bateman, he is completely self-absorbed and frantically distant. The small dance during the Huey Lewis scene (one I heard he added himself) is one of two major scenes for me (the other one involving a chainsaw).

Apart from the great acting (the real reason to watch it) the music is pretty remarkable. 

The book elaborates on 1980s music, and I think they covered it well here (throwing it in death scenes instead of solo pieces adds an interesting twist). This american psycho movie, of the gentlemen I go to american psycho full movie tavern with, really got me into Huey Lewis and Phil Collins. Which is really wonderful. Not so much on Robert Palmer or Whitney Houston...

After I finished American Psycho, I came to IMDb to get some clarification on the ending. And I'm not the only one to be vaguely distracted by what seems to be a vague ending.

I browsed some of your comments, not all 400+ to be sure. But some of them. I think that's a good sample, and there are three different cheers in this american psycho movie.

Those who consider it a masterpiece, those who consider it unreliable, boring garbage, and american psycho full movie largest volume ever, who view it as a flawed masterpiece.

I fall into the latter category. And no, I didn't read the book. But as others have said any film that requires you to read the book to "get" the film is ultimately a failure as a film.

So my review is completely based on the merits of the film. And contrary to what some have said, the film has many merits. 

I found it brilliantly directed, and a wonderfully acted test of excess, and boredom, and evil. A test, satire, a one-time critique, and type of thinking.

Even before I saw the ending, I thought how much Bateman lives in people. I thought, Bateman's test is american psycho full movie test of men named Reagan and Bush. How American Psycho is an examination of our times and our modern theology.

I found the film to be utterly engaging, loved the restraint shown (and disagree with those calling for more gore, I think Mary should be applauded for her clever hand, in scenes that don't. shown has more power to him), and was fascinated by almost every scene, scenes from what others have called boring, but I felt deeply.

Bateman doing his makeup, or simply trying to get a restaurant, and the near-apocalyptic significance, American Psycho film kind of subtlety builds into the lives of empty men.

 The right card, or the right cloth, or the right table, or the right clock, how these are signs of an empty age and an empty soul, and how these things are worth more than your fellow man or woman.

Bateman achieves everything that materialistic time tells him he needs, but once he achieves it he feels nothing. Already empty, less than before. It is only at the height of his addiction that he begins to feel something. 

He eats to fill the void, but the more he empties, the more he feeds. He eats his partner (woman), but in the lust of his own blood, he eats himself.

That's the American dream, taken to its cannibalistic extreme.

And never before have done makeup, played such a mesmerizing character in a film. Bateman's (Chris Bell) face at a time when he's under stress takes on a plastic form, a shiny, sweaty glow, and to the whole world it looks like he's wearing a mask... And the mask, the mask of his purity, is starting to move.

Amazing use of makeup. And an incredible performance by the lead actor. I wasn't familiar with them before, but everyone will be after.

Hearing about american psycho movie for the first time, I had no desire to watch it. I grew up in an era of garbage like Hills Have Eyes and The Beyond, it no longer feels important to see people suffer. 

I think as we get older we tend to ask more about our art than Springer, or WWF, or slasher flicks. We ask our art to tell us some truth. Some of us, and our world.

I find that under the skillful hand of Mary Harron American Psycho has exceeded my prejudices, and exceeded my expectations. Contrary to art, it touches heights at times.

Mary's restraint is what makes american psycho movie. But I fear his restraint will almost drown him too. The ending is unclear. Who is Bateman in the end? Is there a Bateman? And what did he do or didn't do?

In the end the film will weigh heavily on you. did he do it or not? And finally, now that I write this I'm thinking that maybe the answer doesn't really matter, maybe the answer is the same in the end. 

In the end the sin of thought, or the sin of action, is still sin. In the end we are left with one man and one nation... whose mask is slipping.

I think like Psycho before, time will prove it... lol. I now join Mary Harron in a small selection of modern directors whom I will tiptoe through broken glass to see.

 Directors such as Dave Fincher (Seven, Fight Club), Carl Franklin (Devil in a Blue Dress), Johnny Two (Expect the Unexpected), Ringo Lamm (Full Alert, Victim), M. Night Shyamalan (Sixth Sense, Unbreakable), and Peter Weir (Fearless).

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