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Cast (in credits order) verified as complete  

Sandra BullockSandra Bullock...Gwen Cummings
Viggo MortensenViggo Mortensen...Eddie Boone
Dominic WestDominic West...Jasper
Elizabeth PerkinsElizabeth Perkins...Lily
Azura SkyeAzura Skye...Andrea
Steve BuscemiSteve Buscemi...Cornell
Alan TudykAlan Tudyk...Gerhardt
Mike O'MalleyMike O'Malley...Oliver (as Michael O'Malley)
Marianne Jean-BaptisteMarianne Jean-Baptiste...Roshanda
Reni SantoniReni Santoni...Daniel
Diane LaddDiane Ladd...Bobbie Jean
Margo MartindaleMargo Martindale...Betty
Susan KrebsSusan Krebs...Evelyn
Loudon Wainwright IIILoudon Wainwright III...Guitar Guy
Katie ScharfKatie Scharf...Young Gwen
Meredith DeaneMeredith Deane...Young Lily
Elizabeth RuscioElizabeth Ruscio...Mom
Kathy PayneKathy Payne...Aunt Helen
Lisa SuttonLisa Sutton...Dr. Stavros
Joanne PankowJoanne Pankow...Saleslady / Night Tech
Corinne ReillyCorinne Reilly...Vanessa
Andrew DolanAndrew Dolan...Groom
Maeve McGuireMaeve McGuire...Groom's Mother
Jim MoodyJim Moody...Chauffeur
Christina ChangChristina Chang...Bridesmaid
Adam PervisAdam Pervis...Younger Boy at Gas Station
Dan ByrdDan Byrd...Older Boy at Gas Station
Ric ReitzRic Reitz...Father at Gas Station
Suellen YatesSuellen Yates...Andrea's Mother
Frank Hoyt TaylorFrank Hoyt Taylor...Equine Therapist
Brittani WarrickBrittani Warrick...Traci
Elijah KelleyElijah Kelley...Darnell
Mike DoolyMike Dooly...Marty
Wendee PrattWendee Pratt...Elaine
Bill AnagnosBill Anagnos...NY Cabdriver
Jack ArmstrongJack Armstrong...Falcon in Soap Opera Cast
Judith ChapmanJudith Chapman...Deirdre in Soap Opera Cast
Suzanne DavisSuzanne Davis...Darian in Soap Opera Cast
Rod McCaryRod McCary...Dr. Griffin Hartley in Soap Opera Cast
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Matt CedeñoMatt Cedeño...Bob Ramirez (uncredited)
Taber CrossTaber Cross...Rehab Patient (uncredited)
Patricia M. FairchildPatricia M. Fairchild...Cafeteria Worker (uncredited)
Bruno GunnBruno Gunn...Michael Anderson (uncredited)
Archie HahnArchie Hahn...Plant Shop Owner (uncredited)
Wayne Paul LilesWayne Paul Liles...Rehab Patient (uncredited)
Mia MarcusMia Marcus...Mattie - Cafeteria Member (uncredited)
Christopher MurphyChristopher Murphy...Paul (uncredited)
Harsh NayyarHarsh Nayyar...Newsstand Vendor (uncredited)
Brent PonderBrent Ponder...Partier (uncredited)
Stan WoodStan Wood...Parker House Patient (uncredited)

28 Days Movie Trailer

28 Days (2000) | Movie Trailer | Sandra Bullock

28 Days Movie Description

In "28 Days Movie" is one of the most accurate movies about alcoholism and drug addiction that I can remember. The 28 Days film does not glamorize or mock its subject matter, but rather portrays the problems that life can lead to nowhere. 

Why would anyone want to watch a 28 Days movie about someone who spent time in rehab, no matter how well-crafted it was? Because "28 Days Full Movie" is an interesting, sometimes funny and empathetic story with grounded characters. Don't let this production pass you by without a watch.

The main character of the 28 Days film is named Gwen Cummings and is played by the talented Sandra Bullock. 

She lives a wild, eccentric life with her boyfriend, Jasper (Dominic West). Gwen is an alcoholic and drug addict, and doesn't get much support from her estranged love interest. 

As the 28 Days movie opens, the two get drunk at a club, come home, have sex, and douse the fire with alcohol. The next day, Gwen arrives late to her sister's wedding, only to destroy an expensive dessert and crash a limousine into a house.

The character of Gwen Cummings is clearly and effectively developed. We learn about his lifestyle, recognize flaws, and are shown a dark history through painfully real flashbacks. 

It's one of the things that makes "28 Days Movie" so encompassing. We discover elements about the character and notice internal changes as she learns about them herself. I really cared for this character.

Gwen is given a choice, she can serve a prison sentence for her wrongdoings or be pardoned and spend 28 Days Movie in a rehab clinic. 

She chooses rehab. The lead counselor is Cornell (Steve Buscemi), who shows empathy but also shyness. 

Also at his heath clinic are an assortment of characters who sing raunchy tunes and share group affections, including Daniel (Renee Santoni), with thick glasses and healing abilities, Andrea (Azura Skye), Gwen's young roommate, and Eddie Boone (Viggo Mortensen) is involved. ), a famous baseball pitcher with a drinking problem.

Gwen's experiences in rehab feel true and accurate. Her evacuations and anguish are realistic and enlightening. 

It's clear that the 28 Days film makers and Sandra Bullock did extensive research on the tension and details of rehab.

Sandra Bullock performs with just the right amount of immaturity and charisma. The amazing actress is free in such a heartwarming role; She is best when the main character. 

Here, Gwen is free to walk the surface of the 28 Days film and yet allows the other characters to contribute to her definition.

About halfway through, the 28 Days movie loses its much-needed focus on Gwen and turns to descriptions of relationships, friendships, and other characters. 

While most of the events revolve around Gwen, the 28 Days movie was on the right track with its first half. However, "28 Days Full Movie" is smart enough to recognize its mistake, and by the final scenes it retrieves the emotionally correct material and ends with high standards.

The filmmakers are advertising it as a comedy, but only an isolation of scenes offer hilarity or spectacle. 

28 Days Film teaches us through its characters. And the lessons are well taught.

Addiction is not funny and neither is it the suffering it inflicts on the addict and their friends and family, but again all 'taboo' topics are thoroughly explored, in these politically correct times we live in and here comes Sandra Bullock, The Girl The public next door that she's embraced as America's Sweetheart descends hip deep into a difficult balancing act as alcoholic/drug addict Gwen Cummings in this comedy-drama that's more than worth missing. 

With Hit - The working title could have been 'Party Girl, Interrupted'.

Gwen is a free spirited writer from New York City who enjoys living it up by drinking and binging into the wee hours with her likable party hearted boyfriend Jasper (West), even if it means her older sister Lily ( Perkins) almost missing the next wedding. 

The next day as they stumble to the proceedings handling a severe hangover, over-indulging at the reception results in Gwen losing her balance on the dance floor, ruining several layered wedding cakes. 

Affected by her visual-caused out-of-control effects, Gwen staggers to the newlyweds' limo and careens along a suburban area, looking for a 'cake shop' to replace the damaged goods so she can Break the car into a nearby house.

Serenity Glen, a rehabilitation clinic that offers New Age-y touchy-feely bonding and chanting ("Together! Together! Noooo drugs!") and a no-nonsense counselor named Cornell (a well-handled sensible twist) who meets Gwen's sees right through the anger and obstinacy as she attempts to separate herself from her work, group therapy, and stealth pills through Jasper. 

After an accident in which Gwen falls from her window (after a feeble attempt to free herself from bullets), she limply begs Cornell for a chance to free herself. 

Her sarcasm slowly fades away as she comes to grips with her co-dependency on alcohol and pharmaceuticals, thanks largely to her depressed teen roomie Andrea (Skye) and new patient, Eddie Boone (Mortensen), A baseball pitcher who overcomes multiple addictions, including casual sex.

The 28 Days movie works perfectly on Bullock's fresh-scrubbing sexy appeal in her range from comic drunkenness (a la 'Arthur') to her scathing comebacks and her attempts to make life better. comes thanks to his fellow in-house patients, including a gay German dancer (Tudyk who appears as Andy Dick in 'Sprockets') and a parody of a soap opera ('Santa Cruz') that the whole group is addicted to goes. 

To. It's hard to believe that the subject of a chemically dependent person could be funny, but that's not the point. 

The point is that it doesn't make light of the situation at all (including the all-too-predictable overdose of one of the characters to underline just how serious it is), but it does on the 'patients walk-around' becomes successful. 

Asylum' scenario - like a cross-blend of 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest', 'Clean and Sober' and 'M*A*S*H' with a frenzy of loudspeaker announcements, dead tributes.

Director Betty Thomas (“The Brady Bunch Movie”, “Private Parts”) brings her story to life best by Susannah Grant (“Erin Brockovich”), as she brings to life the surrealism of someone under influence and able support, including Stand Could do with interesting camera angles to distort. -up comic O'Malley (late of his short-lived eponymous sitcom) who harbors a not-so-secret crush on Bullock. 

Bullock does herself a service by using her natural acting style and acting out a difficult scenario by stretching her chops both dramatically and comedically.

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